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The Electric Kettle


I remember once when we decided to have a men’s fellowship meeting in a particular church. All went well, until I was despatched to the kitchen to prepare the tea. It was then that the problems began. There was one piece of complicated electrical equipment that just would not co-operate with me. I kept on trying to work it until I was totally frustrated, and eventually I had to seek help from the other men. Imagine their faces when I had to ask them, “Does anybody here know how to plug in this electric kettle?” Of course, after the howls of laughter had died down I began my excuses! “There’s something wrong with this thing, either that or it’s the wrong lead, or something like that!”
Anyway, after I had stopped feeling completely inept and dim-witted, I began to think about the way I had blamed the kettle, instead of admitting that I was the one at fault. Don’t we all do that to some degree or other.
You see there is a serious problem rampant in our society. The Bible calls it sin and every one of us is deeply afflicted with it. The difficulty is that when the symptoms of sin manifest themselves in the world we seem to want to blame it on someone else. In fact we will blame anything or anybody for sin, so long as we don’t have to admit that we ourselves are sinners.
Yet the Bible says that is exactly what we are, and that our sin has separated us from God and left our lives incomplete and unfulfilled. It also teaches us that sin can be forgiven in Christ and fellowship with God restored. Yet it is only when we admit that we are sinners that we will recognise that we need a Saviour from sin. And that is why the Lord Jesus Christ came into this world. The Bible says in Luke 19:10, For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.
So don’t be like me! Don’t blame the kettle, just because you can’t figure out the plug! Do what I had to do, and seek help form someone who knows far better that you and I do, how to make life work. That someone is Jesus, God’s Son, who died for sinners at Calvary. A Hymnwriter said, “Ask the Saviour to help you, comfort, strengthen and keep you. He is willing to aid you, He will carry you through.”

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