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Coming to a Reformed Understanding


Comment on a Facebook posting on AW Pink, reminded me that Pink was instrumental in bringing many Christians to a Reformed understanding of their faith. What was it that brought you to that understanding?

For me it was reading ‘The Momentous Event’ by W J Grier, an amazing little book, setting out concisely the amillennialist position on the Lord’s Return. Grasping the biblical position that the nook was explaining was an eye-opener for me. Up to that point (in my early 20’s) I’d simply accepted that what I’d learned at the dispensationalist meetings of the 1970’s was the only view of ‘prophecy’ and I’d eagerly imbibed all it’s teaching.

Once I realised that the dispensational understanding of theology was challenged by both Scripture and historical Christianity, I began to search for other aspects of reformed truth. I learned about the Sovereignty of God (from A W Pink etc) and about election (from Packer etc) and about God’s keeping and preserving grace (from W Hendrikson etc). Coming to terms with the Covenant of Grace, moulded further my understanding of baptism.

Now, the question I am asking is this. If you have followed a similar path, what books and what authors were helpful along the way. I know that some who have been brought up in Reformed churches and have heard reformed preachers all their lives may not have followed in exactly the same path, but in that case, which books and authors were helpful in encouraging and consolidating the teaching you received when young.

I’d be interested in hearing others views!

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