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The Dreaded Weed!


I was thinking about weeds the other day. You see, I’ve never considered myself as a gardener. My ‘green-finger’ factor is very low indeed, probably more like pale turquoise than horticultural emerald! So you can imagine despair when I moved into the Manse of my previous church a number of years ago and discovered a lovely mature garden which required tender loving care! With the help and energy of the loving wife, we got to grips with the grass, planted the potatoes in the vegetable garden and even managed to get a few flowerbeds sorted out. But it was the hedges that bothered me most. My first attempt to trim a hedge was a complete disaster! I even managed to clip my way through the electric cable, almost electrocuting myself in the process.

But eventually the job was done, and we admired the work as the Summer weeks rolled by. What pleased us most was the beautiful white flowers that appeared in little patches all throughout the hedge. I was so delighted by their appearance that I took some friends out to see them. After the laughter had subsided, they graciously informed me that my little white flower was just a weed, and it was choking the hedge and weeds should be ripped out immediately! That’s what sparked my interest in weeds. Just as soon as I thought everything in the garden was perfect, weeds seemed to be sprouting up everywhere and ruining everything!

The Bible, which is God’s inspired Word to us, tells us that weeds are here, in our gardens, because of man’s sin! When God first created this world, it was absolutely perfect. In Genesis we read that God created the earth, and that He ordained that there should be grass and herbs and trees and that God was pleased with all His good creation! He created Adam and Eve and He placed them in a garden called Eden. It was a paradise, with all kinds of trees and plants, pleasant to the eyes and good for food.

But then God’s wonderful creation was spoiled. In Genesis chapter 3, we read how sin entered into the world through man’s disobedience, and God’s beautiful creation was spoiled. Weeds grew, and Genesis 3:18 says Thorns also and thistles shall (the ground) bring forth to thee. Our sin has ruined God’s world, and because we all have inherited Adam’s sinful nature, we all need someone to take away that sin, so that fellowship with God can be restored, so that we can once again enjoy His presence in paradise. We need a Saviour.

So every time I see a weed in my garden, I thank God for sending Jesus, His only Son, into this world to die on the Cross, to pay the debt for sinners like me, and to remove the penalty of sin forever!

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