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The Camera Never Lies!


It used to be said that ‘The camera never lies!’ It was an expression that I heard applied to myself, and spoken by a publisher a few years ago. I had been to a photographer to have a picture taken for a brochure, and when the finished print arrived, I reckoned it was the least flattering picture I have ever seen! In fact it was awful! When I presented it to the publisher, I apologised for the fact that the picture looked so bad. He looked at the offending print for a few minutes, then he looked at me before he said, “Never mind, sure the camera never lies!” Of course nowadays that can no longer be said! With the advancement of digital technology, images can be air-brushed, and touched up. Spots and blemishes can be removed, years can be taken away just with the click of the mouse and even physically unattractive people like myself can be made to look reasonably presentable!

In some ways the digital camera is a good symbol of our modern society. It is a mark of subjectivity, In this post-modern society in which we live, things are not always what they seem. Truth is relegated to individual opinion and everything is subjective. This is where Biblical Christianity stands out from the modern world-view! The Bible deals, not in variable subjectivity, but in absolutes! It tells us that God himself is absolute truth, and life, and love! It tells us on the other hand that men and women are deceived and sinful and unloving. The Bible says in Romans 3:4, “Let God be true, but every man a liar.” God therefore is absolute truth, and he has revealed himself to us in his Word, the Bible. He never changes, His truth never changes, and it sets for us our standard of morality, and it lays out for us the only way of salvation.

And God’s Son Jesus never changes either! The writer to the Hebrews wrote, Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever. That’s wonderful news for modern men and women! In a changing, subjective, transient world, with no certainties, we can put our personal trust in Christ, who never changes, and upon whom we can lean no matter what this world throws at us. The Scottish hymnwriter, Horatius Bonar said, “I change, he changes not, the Christ can never die, his love not mine the resting place, his truth not mine the tie!”

So the next time you get out your digital camera, or use your computer to make a picture more pleasant to your eyes, remember that there ARE some things which can never be altered, and those things are the things of God, whose very nature is eternal unchangableness!

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