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The Ultimate Detective!


If the Police are ever short of detectives, I could offer them the services of my wife! She has definitely missed her vocation in life. Her abilities at the detection of crime surpass the collective sleuthing of Poirot, Morse and Frost all put together, although to be fair, up to now all her great cases have been concerned with catching me doing, or more likely, eating, something that I’m not supposed to be doing – or eating! Her forensic abilities are phenomenal. She can spot the tiniest piece of chocolate lying on the floor of the car, and rightly deduce that I have been eating a forbidden Mars bar. She can produce evidence of banned extra snacks, just by emptying receipts from my coat pockets before she puts the washing machine on! There is nothing that I can conceal from her!

Mind you, there is one who knows even more than a perceptive, loving spouse, about every aspect of our individual lives. The Bible tells us that God sees right into our lives, and knows not only what we do, but what we think. He knows the desires of our hearts and the thoughts and motives of our minds. Before the great flood, when God looked at the world, he didn’t just look at the doings of the wicked people of this earth, but, as Genesis says, “God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” It was because of the terrible wickedness that God knew was in the hearts of men and women that He poured out his righteous judgement upon the whole earth, in the form of that devastating flood.

And He still hates sin and wickedness today, for God never changes!

Now, although we cannot conceal our sin from God, we can confess it! One old prayer reads “Almighty God, Unto whom all hearts are open, All desires known, And from whom no secrets are hidden, Cleanse the thoughts of our hearts, By the inspiration of your Holy Spirit!”

The God who knows our true nature, and is fully aware of our most inner thoughts, still offers us complete pardon and forgiveness, through the atoning work of His Son, the Lord Jesus on the Cross. We can come to him, as humble repentant sinners, and be pardoned and saved.
Meanwhile, I’ll still be living in the knowledge that even if my wife can detect my culinary transgressions, a wee hug, and ‘sorry dear’ goes a long way!

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