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Consider Your Ways – J.C.Ryle. Part 1


Thus says the Lord of hosts; Consider your ways.” Haggai 1:7

Beloved Friends and Brethren,

I wish to write a few words to you about your souls. I want those souls to be saved. And I invite you all to take the advice I give you today, and that is, to “Consider your ways.” I write to you because the time is short. The day of grace is slipping away- the day of judgment is drawing near- the thread of life is winding up- a few more short years, and every soul of us will have gone to his own place- we shall each of us be in heaven or hell! I dare not wait until you pay attention to my sermons. By all means I must try to save some of you. If you will not consider, when I speak to you from the pulpit, it may be you will consider when I speak to you in print. I cannot reach your hearts, I know well. It is not in me, it needs the finger of God. But I can set before you my earnest wishes for every class among you, and I will do it- the Lord being my helper. Bear with me if I say things that sound sharp and hard. Set it down to my anxiety for your salvation; I mean it all for your good. I write no other things but what I have gathered from the Bible, and as such I commend them to your consciences. Consider what I say, and the Lord give you understanding in all things.

Rev J C Ryle,

/To be Continued


John Charles Ryle (10 May 1816 – 10 June 1900) was the first Anglican bishop of Liverpool.

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