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Consider Your Ways – J.C.Ryle. Part 5


We continue to read J.C.Ryle’s letter, calling upon us to ‘Consider Our Ways’, and in this section, he continues to speak about our need to confess our sin…

We ought to have been anxious for nothing, and we have been anxious and troubled about many things- we have allowed the affairs of this life to eat out the heart of our spirituality, and have been cumbered with much serving.

How rarely we have heard the Gospel like men in earnest- and read the Bible as if we were feeding on it- and prayed as if we wanted an answer! How poor and feeble has been our witness against sin! How seldom have we looked like men about our Father’s business! How little have we known about singleness of eye, and wholeness of heart, and walking in the spirit! How weak has been our faith, how feeble our hope, how cold our charity! How few of us have lived as if we believed all that is written in the Word, and moved through life like pilgrims traveling to a better land. Oh! Brethren, have we not good reason to be ashamed when we think on these things? Very grievous are they, and we ought to feel it. Let us begin with self-abasement; let us cry, “God be merciful to us sinners- take away our iniquity, for we have done very foolishly.”

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