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Consider Your Ways – J.C.Ryle. Part 8


Ryle continues his letter, and reminds Christians to remember the small duties in their faith…

Let us resolve to make conscience of little things in our daily religion. Let us not neglect little duties- let us not allow ourselves in little faults. Whatever we may like to think, nothing is really of small importance that affects the soul. All diseases are small at the beginning. Many a death-bed begins with a “little cold.” Nothing that can grow is large all at once- the greatest sin must have a beginning. Nothing that is great comes to perfection in a day- characters and habits are all the result of little actions. Little strokes of the hammer made that ark which saved Noah. Little pegs held firm that tabernacle which was the glory of Israel. We too are traveling through a wilderness- let us be like the family of Merari, and be careful not to leave the pegs behind. (Numbers 4: 32.)

Believers, do not forget how full the Epistles are of instruction about the particulars of Christian life. The apostles seem to take nothing for granted. They do not think it sufficient to say, “be holy,” -they take care to specify and name the things in which holiness is shown. See how they dwell on the duties of husbands and wives, masters and servants, parents and children, rulers and subjects, old people and young. See how they single out and urge upon us industry in business, kindness in temper, forgivingness in disposition, honesty, truthfulness, temperance, meekness, gentleness, humility, charity, patience, courtesy.

To be continued

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