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Looking for Life on an Internet Auction Site?


Aren’t these Internet auction sites just great? Well, at least, they’re very useful when you have something to sell. People around the world can see the item in an image on their computer, and of course they’re interactive, so prospective buyers can have a conversation with the seller and discuss the item you have for sale.

Recently I wanted to sell a couple of lenses for an SLR camera, so my natural choice was to place them on one of these auction sites. Throughout the week that the auction lasted, I became increasingly amazed at the amount of questions I was being asked. Like, “Would I ship them to Australia, could I combine postage with other items, do they fit other cameras, are they in their original box,” and so on. One of the strangest questions, I thought, was the one that asked, ‘Do you have an instruction book?’ Of course I politely replied, informing the questioner that I did not… But somewhere in the back of my mind was this terrible urge to send them a complete list of instructions for how to use a lens on a camera. It would read something like this…

1. Attach lens to camera.
2. Take photographs.
3. Enjoy!

I think those are all the instructions any keen photographer would ever need.

Sometimes though, an instruction book is really necessary. Like when you buy one of those complicated flat pack furniture units, and you want to build it so that it actually looks something reasonably similar to the thing you saw in the showroom. That’s when not referring to the instructions can be a serious mistake. So you get out the instruction leaflet, select your language of choice, peruse the drawings that would make an architect flinch, identify the component parts and choose the right tools.

Life can be complicated too. Far too complicated to try to live it without reference to the Maker’s instructions. Thankfully, God, who created us in His image, has given us guidance on how to live. The most basic instruction in his instruction is to be very wary of thinking too highly of ourselves, for we all fall far short of perfection, and instead, to place our lives in the keeping of His Son, Jesus, who loved us so much that He gave His own life for us, and who wants to give us what he himself refers to as ‘abundant life’. In fact He said, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

And that’s something you’ll never be able to buy on the Internet!

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