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Consider Your Ways – J.C.Ryle. Part 9


Ryle is still exhorting us to be very careful about the small things in the Christian life…

Having made the point that the Epistles are full of instruction about the particulars of the Christian Life, urging upon us industry in business, kindness in temper, forgivingness in disposition, honesty, truthfulness, temperance, meekness, gentleness, humility, charity, patience, courtesy, Ryle writes…

See how they exhort us to honour all men, to govern our tongues, to season our speech with grace, to abstain from foolish talking and jesting, not to please ourselves only, to redeem the time, to be content with such things as we have, and whether we eat or drink, to do all in the name of the Lord Jesus. Brethren, some people think that to dwell on such things is bondage; but I believe it good to remind you of them- I am sure it is safe.

If the Spirit of God thought it wise to dwell so much on them in the word, I cannot doubt it must be wise for us to attend to them in our walk. It is much more easy to profess holiness in a general way, than to carry it out in particulars; and I fear that many talk familiarly of sanctification in the lump, who know but little of it in the piece. I firmly believe that looseness about these little things in our daily behaviour, is a special means of grieving the Spirit of God, and of bringing upon us, in consequence, barrenness and leanness of soul.

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