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What a Wonderful World!


God’s Wonderful World

It’s another change of seasons. All around us, the scenery is changing as Autumn turns to Winter. The temperatures are dropping and the leaves don the trees are turning brown.

Recently I’ve learned to appreciate my surroundings a lot more than I used to. After a week in hospital last year I was warned by the medical staff to make sure I took a wee walk every day. Always the one for doing what I’m told, I’ve done just that, walking the same circuit nearly every day, around the Kiltonga Wildlife Reserve in Newtownards. I’ve learned to enjoy it. I’ve seen it now in the snow, and when it was partially flooded. I’ve seen it when the sun was splitting the trees and when the winds were howling through their branches. I’ve watched the ducks and the swans and the geese, ever inquisitive, walking up close to see if you’ve anything to feed them with. Sometimes, I think of that old Louise Armstrong song, “I see trees of green, red roses too, I see them bloom for me and you, and I think to myself, what a wonderful world…”

In fact, I think about far more than that, for this wonderful world that we enjoy every day was no accident. It is God’s wonderful world. He created it and He sustains it. And when we read the Bible’s account of God’s creation in Genesis, we discover that the very pinnacle of what He made was mankind – human beings. God created us as special beings, made in his own image, made diffently from any other aspect of creation, to enjoy fellowship with him to to offer him our praise for ever and ever. We were made just for Him!

It’s because of that, and because of His special love for us, that God became not only our Creator but our Saviour and our Redeemer! Because God wants us to be His, and because we are so reluctant to surrender to Him, God took the first step to establish a relationship with us. He sent His own Son, Jesus, to die on the Cross, to demonstrate the extent of His love for us, and to bring us back to Him.

There’s an old hymn that sums it up God’s marvellous creating love even better than Louis Armstrong did:
“Oh Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder, consider all the works thy hands have made, … “Then sings my soul, my Saviour, God to thee, – how great Thou art.

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  1. You may not want the overhead for worship, but a digital camera to capture your walks would be a great post addition….Besides, the cam might just help keep your hands from spontaneously flying around in exhilarated praise as you encounter God’s wondrous world…*; )

    Your word pictures are GREAT!

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