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The Farmer, The Cart and God’s Rescue Mission.


Today’s news about the frequency and severity of farm accidents, reminded me of this old story…

I once heard a tale about a brave old farmer. It was back in the days before tractors were as common as they are today, and this old man still used horses to work his farm. He used horses to plough, and he used horses to pull a cart. One day he had left his cart sitting outside a country shop, and the two horses were peacefully munching their way through bags of meal. The farmer was in the shop, having a good old yarn with someone, as farmers love to do!

While he talked, for some reason the horses became agitated. Perhaps it was one of those new-fangled motor cars, making a noise with its engine. Whatever it was, the horses were in danger of bolting, and the farmer rushed out of the shop, and grabbed the two big heavy beasts by the reins. He was just too late. The horses took to their heels and ran, dragging the poor old man along with them. He was dragged a good half mile before the horses stopped, and during the journey he had been bruised, kicked and trampled by the horses. But he had never let go.

Soon a crowd gathered round the cart, and someone began to calm the horses, while others tried to attend to the farmer, – now lying seriously ill at the side of the road. A man knelt beside him, “Why did you do it,” he asked. “Why have you put your life at risk for a pair of horses and a worthless old cart?” “Ah,” said the farmer, “look in the cart!” There, lying frightened and trembling with fear, was a small boy – the farmer’s son. Then they knew why he did it!

Every time I think of that story, I wonder why God, in the person of his only Son, Christ Jesus, came into this old world to save us from our headlong rush into eternity. What was so valuable in this old world that would bring the Lord Jesus from heaven’s glorious splendour, to a cross on Calvary’s Hill, to suffer and die, to voluntary give up his life for rebellious sinners like us? I often ask, “Why did you do it!”

There is an answer, and it’s found in the Bible. Just as the farmer in the story went to great cost to rescue the boy, so God has gone to great lengths to save us from our sin and it’s awful consequences. The Bible tells us “The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

It was for that very reason that God embarked upon the greatest rescue mission ever, at immense cost to himself, to save us from our sin, and secure our eternal safety.

The wee boy in the cart was helpless and in grave danger, and he couldn’t save himself. He needed a saviour, he needed a rescuer! Today, we need Jesus!

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