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Come with Us! Numbers 10:29


Text: Numbers 10:29

‘Come with us!’ How often is that invitation issued, and how often do people fail to recognise that to walk with the Lord will be GOOD for you? Now there are three great aspects of this text. There is:-

1. The Intention!
We are journeying unto the place of which the Lord said, I will give it you. The Christian intends to be in heaven! He is on the road there, and he is not there because of his own strength, but because of the Lord’s call! Look at:-
• The Christian’s Journey! We are journeying. Now that journey:-

1. Begins at conversion! It is then that the course of sin and misery is abandoned. God’s Holy Spirit changes the mind and turns the steps, old things pass away, the whole state of being of the new Christian has been renewed!

2. Continues right throughout life! As the soul makes progress in the Christian life, as it progresses in the knowledge of the Bible and of Christian doctrine!

3. Ends at death! When the believer leaves this mortal body behind, his journey is over! He arrives home in heaven! Rev. 2:10

• The Christian’s Destination! unto the place of which the Lord said, I will give it you

1. It is a land of rest! It was illustrated for us in the OT type of Canaan. A land of rest. In the wilderness journey, the people of God had their trials, They had their hunger and thirst. They had their drought and their famine and their enemies. In Canaan lay the promise of REST Hebrews 4:9-11

2. It is a land of riches! This is how God describes Canaan to the Children of Israel, Deut. 8:7-9 That is a wonderful description of a land that is full of the blessings and richness of God, but it is only a pale description of heaven! In heaven there is the tree of life, ever bearing its eternal fruit, there is the river of life, clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and the Lamb. There is a sky that is never cloudy and a sun that never sets. There is fullness of joy and pleasures for ever more!

3. It is a land that is ready! Jesus told his disciples that the father was preparing a place for them! We talk about heaven as ‘home.’

Both statesman and preacher alike were agreed with the Apostle on the fact that the highest, the chief, the one crowning attraction of heaven was “to be with Christ.”

2. The Invitation!
come thou with us, It is an invitation which shows that there are those who are not already on this road! Many of those who are not on that road, who are not following the Lord to heaven are our own friends and loved ones. We must begin by recognising their condition! The Bible tells us that outside of Christ we are lost! Now here is the good news, for this text:-

a) Proves that there is room on this road for others! It is a narrow way, too narrow to allow sin to travel along it. But it is wide enough for all those who will come! John 6:37

b) Demonstrates the desire of God’s people for others to join them! The Christian’s great desire is that others should join him, that others should do the same as he is doing! The Christian knows that in blessing others, he himself is blessed! In giving the more he gains!

c) Challenges Christians to share their faith with others! It challenges us to use every influence that we possess to bring the message of salvation to others. We practically invite them, when they see us living for Christ! One author wrote, “A light that does not shine, a spring that does not flow, a germ that does not grow, is no more anomaly that a life in Christ which does not witness for Christ.”

There are sensitive ways in which Christ can be proclaimed.

3. The Inspiration!
we will do thee good: for the Lord hath spoken good concerning Israel.
There are good reasons why the Christian would offer the Gospel to those around him or her:-

• There is a promise of Christian help! We will do you good! Christians may do the sinner much good! You’ll not do him any good at all by ignoring his sin, or by failing to witness to him, but you can do him good if you show the love of God to him!

• There is a promise of Divine help! But if the Christian can be a great help to the sinner, think how much more help they will find with the Lord! He has promised to give grace, and to withhold no good thing from those who come to him!

So here is a very simple text, and yet a very challenging text! It teaches us:-

• The present state of the Christian. We are traveling people, journeying through this world, but with our home in heaven

• The happiness of the Christian! Children of God, heirs of eternal life, expecting the glory that shall one day be revealed to us!

The message of the Christian is a simple one. Come with us on our road to heaven.

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