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He is Not a Disappointment


A conversation after the prayer meeting this evening reminded me of this hymn. We had been praying for The Lord to intervene in situations where church were in trouble and divided, and seeking His help. After the meeting, one of our folks remarked that some churches would put people off Christianity, so much division was there. But we agreed, that while there may be disappointment in the actions and words of some of Christ’s followers, there is a great attractiveness in Christ. Whatever the faults and failings of the church, Christ is NOT a disappointment,

I think it was Mary Booth who wrote…

He is not a disappointment;
Christ has saved my soul from sin;
All the guilt and all the anguish
Which oppressed my heart within.
He has banished, by His presence,
All that stole my inner peace;
And He gives me full assurance
That His love will never cease.

He is not a disappointment;
Christ doth sanctify my soul,
Cleanse me from my heart corruption,
Purify and make me whole;
He removed the sinward proneness,
Stamps His image in its place,
For He wins me by the beauty
And unveiling of His face.

He is not a disappointment;
Christ is coming by and by;
In my heart I have the witness
That the day is drawing nigh.
All the scoffers may despise me
And no change around may see;
But He tells me He is coming,
And His Word assureth me.

He is not a disappointment;
Christ is all in all to me—
Saviour, Sanctifier, Sov’reign—
The unchanging God is He;
He has won my heart’s devotion,
And He meets my ev’ry need;
He is not a disappointment,
For He satisfies indeed.

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