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The News Quiz?


I am an avid listener to BBC Radio 4, especially on Saturday mornings, where the station carries an eclectic blend of programmes to keep the listener entertained and informed. It varies from the gentle conversation of Sian Lloyd and Richard Cole, to the hard-hitting political analysis in ‘Week in Westminster’, to the informative ‘From Our Own Correspondent’ uto the practical advice of ‘Money Box’. And of course, the news coverage is legendary.

However, the morning is marred by just thirty minutes of foolishness. The 12.30 slot is a ‘satirical’ show, sometimes occupied by ‘The News Quiz’ – a leftist panel of liberals sneering at anything remotely resembling good taste and propriety, making a mockery of anything Christian, made up of at least three homosexuals who blatantly champion their ‘marriages’ and lifestyles, recorded before an invited audience of sympathetic lefties, who find it all very funny.

I have frequently commented on social media sites and privately, that in a morning of cultured listening, and good entertainment, the News Quiz plunges to the very depths of broadcasting taste.

Now, I am gratified to know that I am not alone.

Writing in his blog, Peter Hitchens also records his dislike of this sneer-fest…

This is not the only example of this sort of thing last week. The BBC has for many years tolerated a radio programme called ‘The News Quiz’ on which sniggering fun-revolutionaries (at your expense) are paid to amuse a sniggering Left-wing studio audience with babyish jests, under the guidance of a self-satisfied chairwoman who thinks she is cleverer than she is.

On a recent edition, a purported comedian referred to the Education Secretary, Michael Gove, as ‘a foetus in a jar’.

This was the cue for an exchange in which Mr Gove was (very falsely) described as being friendless (I count him as a friend, though I disagree with him strongly, and so do many others in politics and journalism), and then as having ‘a face that makes even the most pacifist of people reach for the shovel in anticipation of reshaping it’.

A sole Tory panellist, serving as a figleaf for the programme’s blatant bias, was swiftly brushed aside when he tried to defend Mr Gove. The BBC’s attempt to defend this malicious tripe is so wretched that I will do them a favour and not reproduce it.

In my experience, nasty, bullying people often attempt to disguise their true feelings as ‘jokes’. So there it is, the modern Left displayed – a parliamentary candidate who publicly wished for the hideous, violent death of a woman, and is not ashamed, and a BBC programme that publicly discusses smashing a man’s face with a shovel.

Both of these are supposedly jokes. But they are not. They are a symptom of a raging sickness of the soul that has the modern Left in its grip. They are so sure that they are right that they no longer think their opponents are human.

That way lie the torture cellar, the re-education camp and the firing squad, as the Left proves every time it gets enough power to show what it is really like. It’s not funny.

Peter, I couldn’t have put it better myself!

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