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Friday Fun – Friday 22nd March 2013


A little bit of silliness for a cold, windy, snowy, wet Friday afternoon in Spring!

Aspie True Love Stories. #1

Romantic music fades into the background, and the camera zooms in close to her eyes, lowered in a portrayal of unrestrained passion, as mysterious as the wistful gaze of the Mona Lisa herself. Softly she speaks, and her voice reveals her real inner emotion…

“You better stop correcting my grammar…”

Gently, I take her in my arms. I enfold her in a warm, loving and reassuring embrace. I place a tender, light kiss on her cheek, and our lips softly brush. A frisson of sexual tension passes between us and the atmosphere crackles; an emotional electricity as palpable and exciting as the popping of bubbles in a vintage champagne.

“My darling,” I say, in a husky, irresistible tone, “If you really love me, you will let me point out your syntax errors, and your faulty sentence construction, not to mention your appalling misuse of the apostrophe.”

She pulls back from my arms and attempts to look me straight in the eyes. “Nobody could love you THAT much”.

Romantic music swells until the needle sticks and the gramophone jams with a grating scraping noise. The camera pans slowly away.

To be continued much later… there’s a twelve hour wait at A&E.

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