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RCF Pastors’ Conference (USA)


If you are in the USA, and you want to get some fellowship with Reformed Congregational Christians, why not consider attending the RCF Pastors’ Conference?

2013 RCF Pastors’
2013 Reformed Congregational Fellowship’s Pastors’ Conference, April 16-18, at the Wonderland Conference Center in Sharon, MA. Our topic this year is the important issue of God’s Law.

We guarantee you’ll be blessed by this conference. You’ll not only enjoy fellowship with colleagues in the pastorate, but you’ll find yourself to be more firmly grounded in your understanding of this important doctrine, and therefore better equipped to minister where God has placed you.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Reformed Congregational Fellowship

The RCF Pastors’ Conference is chiefly designed for the on-going encouragement of pastors. Our focus for the past several years has been the doctrines of grace as they are expressed in the Savoy Declaration, the historic reformed confession of Congregationalists. We are convinced that if we are to reinforce these truths in our congregations we must first be grounded in them. This has always been the goal of the RCF.

But the Pastors’ Conference is not just for pastors. We encourage our colleagues to bring others in their congregation who want to delve more deeply into biblical truths and we welcome other laity whose church or pastor may not embrace these truths. The presentation and discussion format of the conference provides an intimate learning environment in which everyone is encouraged to participate. We hope that you will join us.

If you know of pastors, church leaders, or others who you think would benefit from this unique learning experience, please forward their email addresses to We’ll be sure to include them in future updates.


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