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Same Sex Marriage Vote in NI Assembly


Today was the vote on same-sex marriage in the Northern Ireland Assembly.  The proposal (tabled by Sinn Fein) was defeated, 95 members voted, 42 voted in favour of the motion, 50 against, and 3 abstained.  The motion read as follows:

That this Assembly recognises the importance of the Constitutional Convention; notes the participation of parties from the Assembly; welcomes the 79 per cent majority vote at the Constitutional Convention in favour of marriage equality; and calls on the Executive to bring forward the necessary legislation to allow for same sex marriage.

The ‘Constitutional Convention’ referred to is a body relating to the Irish Republic.  Members voted as follows:

Mr Steven Agnew Other AYE
Mr Jim Allister Unionist NO
Mr Sydney Anderson Unionist NO
Mr Alex Attwood Nationalist AYE
Mr Roy Beggs Unionist NO
Mr Jonathan Bell Unionist NO
Mr Cathal Boylan Nationalist AYE
Ms Michaela Boyle Nationalist AYE
Mr Dominic Bradley Nationalist AYE
Ms Paula Bradley Unionist NO
Mr Mickey Brady Nationalist AYE
Ms Pam Brown Unionist NO
Mr Thomas Buchanan Unionist NO
Mr Gregory Campbell Unionist NO
Mr Trevor Clarke Unionist NO
Mrs Judith Cochrane Other NO
Mr Michael Copeland Unionist AYE
Mr Jonathan Craig Unionist NO
Mr Leslie Cree MBE Unionist NO
Mr Stewart Dickson Other ABSTAINED
Mrs Jo-Anne Dobson Unionist NO
Mr Sammy Douglas MBE, MCA Unionist NO
Mr Gordon Dunne Unionist NO
Mr Mark Durkan Nationalist AYE
Mr Alex Easton Unionist NO
Mr Colum Eastwood Nationalist AYE
Mr Tom Elliott Unionist NO
Ms Megan Fearon Nationalist AYE
Mr Phil Flanagan Nationalist AYE
Mr David Ford Other ABSTAINED
Mrs Arlene Foster Unionist NO
Mr Paul Frew Unionist NO
Mr Samuel Gardiner Unionist NO
Mr Paul Girvan Unionist NO
Mr Paul Givan Unionist NO
Mrs Brenda Hale Unionist NO
Mr Simon Hamilton Unionist NO
Mr Chris Hazzard Nationalist AYE
Mr David Hilditch Unionist NO
Mr William Humphrey Unionist NO
Mr Ross Hussey Unionist NO
Mr William Irwin Unionist NO
Mrs Dolores Kelly Nationalist AYE
Mr Gerry Kelly Nationalist AYE
Mr Danny Kennedy Unionist NO
Mr Danny Kinahan Unionist NO
Ms Anna Lo MBE Other AYE
Mr Trevor Lunn Other NO
Mr Seán Lynch Nationalist AYE
Mr Chris Lyttle Other ABSTAINED
Mr Declan McAleer Nationalist AYE
Mr John McCallister Unionist AYE
Mr Fra McCann Nationalist AYE
Ms Jennifer McCann Nationalist AYE
Mr Kieran McCarthy Other NO
Mr Raymond McCartney Nationalist AYE
Mr Nelson McCausland Unionist NO
Ms Rosaleen McCorley Nationalist AYE
Mr Basil McCrea Unionist AYE
Mr Ian McCrea Unionist NO
Mr Conall McDevitt Nationalist AYE
Dr Alasdair McDonnell Nationalist AYE
Mr Barry McElduff Nationalist AYE
Ms Bronwyn McGahan Nationalist AYE
Mr Michael McGimpsey Unionist NO
Mr Patsy McGlone Nationalist AYE
Mr Martin McGuinness Nationalist AYE
Mr David McIlveen Unionist NO
Miss Michelle McIlveen Unionist NO
Mr Daithí McKay Nationalist AYE
Ms Maeve McLaughlin Nationalist AYE
Mr Mitchel McLaughlin Nationalist AYE
Mr Oliver McMullan Nationalist AYE
Mr David McNarry Unionist NO
Mr Adrian McQuillan Unionist NO
Mr Alex Maskey Nationalist AYE
Mr Ian Milne Nationalist AYE
Lord Morrow of Clogher Valley Unionist NO
Mr Stephen Moutray Unionist NO
Mr Robin Newton Unionist NO
Ms Carál Ní Chuilín Nationalist AYE
Mr Cathal Ó hOisín Nationalist AYE
Mr John O’Dowd Nationalist AYE
Mrs Michelle O’Neill Nationalist AYE
Mrs Sandra Overend Unionist NO
Mr Edwin Poots Unionist NO
Ms Sue Ramsey Nationalist AYE
Mr George Robinson Unionist NO
Mr Peter Robinson Unionist NO
Mr Alastair Ross Unionist NO
Ms Caitríona Ruane Nationalist AYE
Mr Pat Sheehan Nationalist AYE
Mr Jimmy Spratt Unionist NO
Mr Mervyn Storey Unionist NO
Mr Robin Swann Unionist NO
Mr Peter Weir Unionist NO
Mr Jim Wells Unionist NO
Mr Sammy Wilson Unionist NO

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