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What happens when politically correct philosophies collide?


What happens when politically correct philosophies collide?  


I’ve just finished listening to an audio book, a novel in the Ruth Rendell Mystery series, where once again the genial Chief Inspector Wexford cuts through all the red tape and bureaucracy, to solve a murky and seemingly intractable crime, with the help of his friend and colleague, Inspector Burden.  The book was ‘The Monster in the Box’ and I would have to admit that it certainly kept me entertained while driving around in the car.

Like so many of the novels of this genre, there are a number of sub-plots going on at the same time, all of which converge as the story reaches its dramatic conclusion.  One of these sub-plots involves a young female detective sergeant, a thoroughly modern, politically correct member of a police ‘service.’  She is a feminist, and she is not a racist!  But what happens when these two ideals collide?  In the book she is confronted with this problem, as an Asian family are suspected of  arranging for their daughter to ‘disappear’ to prevent her from keeping company with a young man whom they deem unsuitable for her.  The author, using the supervision of the bemused Wexford as a vehicle, watches on, as she tries to maintain a deference for Asian vulture, while at the same time asserting the right of the young lady in question to determine the path of her own life.


Now, this is not an uncommon dilemma, and it is not confined to the modern, politically correct police services, it is especially common in politics and the media.  Hence it was that the news outlets and the papers got into a real spin recently, when a number of (Asian) men were convicted of sexual grooming of young girls in Oxford.  My introduction to this story was by way of a news broadcast on BBC, which blandly announced that the men ‘were all of middle east or north African origin.’  Which was a euphemism for… THEY WERE MUSLIMS.  But of course, we can’t say that – for that would be racist.


The situation, however has deteriorated.  Numerous news reports have tried to pin the blame for the attacks (which, by the way, were truly horrendous, and involved girls as young as twelve) not on the perpetrators, but on the working class culture, the families and homes from which the young victims came.  The guardian opines…


What these girls all had in common were that they were in care and very, very vulnerable. Most children in care will have usually come from an abusive family background. All of them tried to tell a responsible adult what was happening to them but they were not listened to. What white people don’t want to admit, but the evidence is clearly there, is that in white culture (just like every other culture), the abuse of women and children, especially women and children from certain socio-economic groups, is accepted as inevitable and almost acceptable.

News programmes have picked up on this theme.  It’s all to do with the background from which these girls came…  They are predisposed to be out late at night, where they might wander into a kebab shop or an Asian take-away, or they might get a taxi, and of course, our poor Asian population just coincidentally happen to be in kebab shops and be taxi drivers, so there you are, it’s got nothing to do with religion or race or ethnicity or Moslems thinking that young while girls are fair game…  not at all.  It all our own fault.




This comment on suggests otherwise…

Unveiled women who get raped deserve it.

That’s the pedagogy preached by the Mufti of Australia, Sheikh Taj al-Din al-Hilali, who recently sparked an international stir by pronouncing that women who do not veil themselves, and allow themselves to be “uncovered meat”, are at fault if they are raped.

In traditional Islamic law, rape cannot be proven unless four males testify as witnesses (Sura 24:4 and 24:13). In other words, raped women cannot get justice anywhere Islamic law prevails. More horrifying still, a woman who has the courage to say she was raped, and fails to produce the four male witnesses (which is obviously almost always the case), ends up being punished because her accusation is regarded as an admission of pre-marital sex or adultery. And this is why seventy-five percent of the women in prison in Pakistan are behind bars for the crime of being a victim of rape.

There is a belief among some Moslems that young white girls are easy prey, and our politically correct establishment are afraid to say so.  If a man were to suggest that a girl who goes out to a nightclub dressed in a sexually provocative manner, gets drunk out of her head and gets raped, contributed in any way to her misfortune, that man would be lambasted by the feminists and their media support base.  No man has the right to sexually attack any woman, no matter how she looks or what she does.  No means no, and that’s final.  But if a Moslem man falls into the same temptation, – well it really can’t be his fault, for that would be a racist accusation.

Another explanation MUST be found.  It must be our fault.

What happens when politically correct philosophies collide?  We wring our hands with anguish, and blame ourselves.

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