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Welby Watch #2


Welby’s capacity to disappoint faithful believers within Anglicanism ever grows!

As if Abp. Welby’s preference for the ‘social gospel’ instead of a clear leadership based Christian and Biblical principles wasn’t enough, his opinions on homosexuality have emerged as being somewhat ‘fluid’ indeed. Welby voted against ‘gay marriage’ in the recent House of Lords debate, but on doing so commended the Bishop of Salisbury’s ‘strong and welcome’ intervention into the debate.

And what was that intervention? A letter to Lord Ali, explaining why he (the bishop) is sympathetic to ‘gay marriage.’ Welby made no effort to rebuke the errant Bishop of Salisbury for his advocacy of something that the Scriptures condemn. In his speech Welby said,

‘It is clearly essential that stable and faithful same-sex relationships should, where those involved want it, be recognised and supported with as much dignity and the same legal effect as marriage’.

the Bishop of Leicester, who is the convenor of the lords spiritual, said that Bishops must follow through the decision of both Houses of Parliament to allow same sex marriage and ‘engage constructively in the process‘.

The Church of England has now officially stated that it will no longer oppose the same- sex marriage Bill.

Those Anglicans who thought that the ‘evangelical’ Welby would bring a more biblical vision to English Anglicanism must already be bitterly disappointed.


For those who missed it last time, here’s Justin and his friends in one of those profoundly meaningless charismatic moments. The caption behind them appears to be ‘fully surrendered’.

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