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The Inscriptions on the Cross


Greek, Latin, and Hebrew!

(Alexander Smellie, “The Hour of Silence” 1899)

“And an inscription was written over Him in letters of Greek, Latin, and HebrewTHIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS!” Luke 23:38

Over His head they set up His accusation written, This is Jesus the King of the Jews. In Greek, Latin and Hebrew they wrote it, and “God,” as George Herbert says, “God held their hands while they wrote!” For this title was a little gospel, told out in the three great languages of the earth.

If, like the Greeks, I prize beauty and wisdom above everything beside, it says, “Here is Jesus your King!” He, He alone, can create beauty within your soul, can banish its ugliness and make it lovely! He, He alone, can teach you the truest wisdom–the wisdom which answers all your questions and gives you peace.

If, like the Latins, (or Romans) I prize law and government and empire most of all, it says to me, “Here is Jesus your King!” He will bring you under the best law, the most beneficial law, the most gracious law. He will teach you how to govern yourself. He will win for you the empire over my own heart here and now–an empire over all things before very long!

If, like the Hebrews, I prize righteousness far above every other blessing, it says to me, “Here is Jesus your King!” There is none but He who can clothe you in a spotless righteousness, who can cancel your hideous guilt, who can justify you at God’s bar, who can lift you into a new realm of pardon and purity!

His enemies meant it for evil–but God meant it for good! He is King of the human heart! And I, too, will bring forth the royal diadem, and will crown Him Lord of all!




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