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Here’s a well reasoned article on the attitude of the secular left who fail to distinguish between Christianity, – where we are commanded to love our enemy, and Islam, where they are commanded to kill unbelievers.

A Grain of Sand

Jonathan Edwards seems a nice guy, but why don’t we stone him to death?

Jonathan Edwards was once the most prominent sportsman in Britain. As well as being world record holder he is a former World, Olympic, Commonwealth and European champion for the hop, skip and jump, now known more prosaically as the triple jump.

Jonathan Edwards Jonathan Edwards

The son of a vicar and sharing a name with America’s greatest theologian Edwards was also at one time Britain’s most high profile Christian. Early in his career he refused to compete on Sundays, only changing his position after coming to the conclusion that God had given him his athletic talent in order for him to compete. When his athletics career ended he became a television sports presenter, also at one time fronting Songs of Praise a Sunday evening semi-religious programme on BBC television. Then in February 2007 he announced that he had…

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