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Woman Bishops Again – Welby Watch #4


Welby Watch #4

No192, A ‘WELBY’ (Well-bay) A Charismatic universalist who passes himself off as an evangelical.

It’s happened, not that anyone ever thought that it wouldn’t happen. The Church of England, the institutional church, has now approved the ordination of woman bishops.  Watching Welby has become a bit of a national pastime.  As the vote was being taken for the woman Bishops, Welby was observed by several news outlets to be deep in prayer!  Perhaps praying that his gullible followers would vote to distance themselves even further from Biblcal truth…  I wonder how far heavenwards that prayer went!

I have great sympathy with that small remnant of Anglicans who remain faithful to the Word and the 39 Articles,  and the more faithful parts of the worldwide Anglican communion who will be appalled at the prospect of a future woman Archbishop of Canterbury, but nobody will be at all surprised by this latest downgrade, to be honest. The Church of England hasn’t been known for its Biblical fidelity for many years anyway, and another small step into even deeper apostasy won’t make that much difference.

Two years ago Archbishop Welby attempted to elevate some of the denomination’s priestesses to the ‘bishopric’ but the motion failed and it was left to their Anglican colleagues in the ‘Church’ of Ireland to make the bold move, and ordain a woman bishop, with complete disregard for biblical teaching.

But it was never expected that Welby and his ‘evangelicals’ would be satisfied with the previous vote. Like all liberals who get a knock-back that they don’t like, they just keep trying until they get the result they wanted in the first place. It happens in politics and it happens in institutional church life. So that’s exactly what Welby and co. did. And how did he do it? Now there we can obtain some enlightenment from none other than Alf McCreary, religion correspondent of the Belfast Telegraph. Writing in the Saturday night edition, July 19, arguing for more ‘gender equality’ (McCreary writes a column every year urging Presbyterians to elect a woman moderator) he states,

“There was praise for the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Justin Welby, a former oil executive who apparently used his management skill to secure a positive outcome. This included the use of CONFLICT RESOLUTION PROFESSIONALS AND ARBITORS all of which seem a long way from divine inspiration.” Alf McCreary, Belfast Telegraph, July 19, page 34.

Even McCreary had to admit that such methods would not have been used by Jesus. I would add, that when Paul faced down the Judaisers in Galatians, or the hyper-Apostles in Corinth, or the lazy, gluttonous men of Crete, or when John confronted the Gnostics, there was no ‘conflict resolution.’ Error is error, and it must be dealt with through the bringing to repentance of those who do err, or their removal from the visible church so that they do not become a theological cancer, eating away at the body of Christ.

So, in the Church of England, when the war against the Inerrency and Authority of Scripture couldn’t be won by twisting of scripture alone, the modern church did what it does best these days. The modern trendy church must conform to the culture, even if that means using management-speak, group manipulation and this world’s philosophical methods to force people to conform to the project.

And if you are wondering why, then you need to read this article, posted in March of this year:

If ever there was an argument for Congregationalism…


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