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Sexual Freedom!


Jimmy Hamilton aka The Street Preacher

The way, the truth and the life! The way, the truth and the life!

Lance was an exuberant participant amidst the day’s festivities, in a ‘Gay Pride Parade’ in Houston, Texas, raucous revelry, perverse promiscuity, orgiastic opulence, he cavorted in the ethos of liberated excess. A member of an evangelistic team, inviting people to a Bible study conducted for people interested in deliverance from such excesses, found Lance cocky, idealistic, and tragically self-assured. He, Lance that is, wasn’t long ‘out of the closet’. The two men were as different as chalk and cheese. The Christian only recently married, Lance was appalled at his mission and the Christian evangelist no less appalled at Lance’s. They quickly became friends. The tensions of likes and dislikes, similarities and differences, comparisons and contrasts had to be delicately balanced for plain comradeship to become genuine, sincere openness.

The relationship grew in fits and starts. Lance periodically attended Bible study, but always left infuriated…

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