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Joel Osteen–“Mormons are Christians” (Part 1,382)


Joel Osteen – Christian pastor, or motivational speaker?

Christ Alone Wyoming

As if we needed yet more proof that Joel Osteen is a wishy-washy, milquetoast, “let’s all get together for milk and cookies” false teacher. In an interview with the Washington Times, here we have him saying (yet again) that Mormons are Christians. this is not the first time that Joel Osteen has embraced the cult of Joseph Smith. He did the same in a 2007 interview with FOX News’ Chris Wallace.

Here are the two videos that show he has not learned to discern between the truth and the lie:



While it’s easy to sit back and smirk and say, “Well, there he goes again,” there is a bigger picture we must see:

1) This is a man who has influence over thousands and thousands of people who profess to know the TRUE Christ. People who go through the day thinking they know the One who…

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