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Wanted: A Teaching Church by Daniel Hyde | Ligonier Ministries Blog


There is no doubt that one of the great needs in the visible church is for local churches to TEACH the people on the Lord’s Day, when the congregation gathers to worship.  Uplifting, life-affirming talks will not do.  Pastors and elders are charge to spiritually equip their people by exegesis of God’s Word.

Daniel Hyde makes this point in his article at Ligonier, and he shows how the Heidelberg Catechism encourages teaching and learning on the Sabbath Day

…the Heidelberg Catechism’s explanation one of the Sabbath command: “that I, especially on the day of rest, diligently attend church to learn the Word of God” (Q&A 103). Sunday schools, mid-week classes, and small groups can certainly provide additional teaching and fellowship time. But God’s primary means of conveying, not merely information, but grace itself, is the preaching of the Word (Acts 2:42; Rom. 10:17). For this reason a teaching church will see the sermon as the centerpiece of the worship service(s).

Read the article at this link:

via Wanted: A Teaching Church by Daniel Hyde | Ligonier Ministries Blog.

  1. It is certainly true that there is a lack of teaching in the church today. At the same time, what are we to teach? Are we, as the Reformed do, to point men to a Catechism, as excellent as these may be in their own way? Or are we to point men to the Scriptures? Paul asked, “What does the Scripture say?” Romans 4:3. I doubt, even if they had been available, that he would have asked, “What does the Catechism say?”

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