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Church of Scotland Blues – What the May 2015 Assembly Reports tell us about the State of the Kirk


Thoughts on the star of the Kirk –

It’s a beautiful glorious day outside St Petes and I really feel I should be cycling along the shores of the Tay, but instead I have been stuck in the church office reading the Church of Scotland Blue book – the book of Assembly reports that has just come out. I thought that given my previous posts on the subject and my interest as the upcoming Free Church moderator, it would be worth catching up on what is happening. I have read most of it (its 428 pages long), although to be honest skim read is probably more accurate for the majority. Like most church reports of this kind you have to be a particular type of Assembly geek to enjoy reading them (I am not), but there are some interesting points which I thought I would share with you and thus save you the bother of reading the whole…

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