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Same-sex marriage was always a Trojan Horse, intentionally or no, as even its advocates now acknowledge


Some very interesting thoughts on the real motivation behind the push for ‘gay marriage’.


It was never what it was cracked up to be, and only the most naive thought so. The same-sex marriage movement has hardly been solely about simply adding another kind of couple to the marriage mix, affecting no one else, no other organizations, and no other norms, etc. Intentional or no, the same-sex marriage horse may well have been a Trojan one all along.

From the Weekly Standard (excerpts):

“the same-sex marriage movement is interested in a great deal more than just the freedom to form marital unions. It is also interested, quite keenly, in punishing dissenters. But the ambitions of the movement go further than that, even. It’s about revisiting legal notions of freedom of speech and association, constitutional protections for religious freedom, and cultural norms concerning the family. And most Americans are only just realizing that these are the societal compacts that have been pried open for negotiation.

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