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Heidelberg L/D 16 Teaching Pack


‘The Christian’s Happy Death’

A teaching resource pack to teach the important lessons of H/C 16, Questions 40-43.


  • Introduction – Why we need a ‘theology of death and dying.’
  • Why did Jesus have to die?
  • How do we know He really died?
  • The death of a Christian Believer.
    • If Jesus died for us, why do Christians have to physically die?
    • The Christian’s death is the end of his struggle with temptation.
    • The Christian’s death heralds his entry to heaven.
      • A wonderful new home
      • We meet Jesus.
      • We receive a reward
      • We rest from our labours.
      • We live in a heavenly society.
      • We reach our true potential.
      • We live eternally.
      • We are perfected.
  • Suggestions for further study.
  • Recommendations for further reading.

The pack includes:

  1. Teacher’s Guide Notes.
  2. Student Notes (12,000 words)
  3. Audio CD of lesson presented at Ballymacashon Congregational Church.
  4. BONUS – A copy of ‘The Harrowing of Hell’ – dealing with Q/A44.

Price in UK (Inc P&P) £7.99.

Please order by email, or use ‘Order/Pay for Resources’ button.  Don’t forget to include your Name, Address and Post-code.

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