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Pope does Osteen


No, this is NOT satire. The Pope has been busy meeting with ‘evangelical’ heretics like Rick Warren and Kenneth Copland. Now he’s gone all ‘seeker-friendly’ and published an Osteen style ‘top ten tips for happiness’. 
Forget all that old ‘confession and penance and purgatory’ stuff. That is so ‘Benedict!’ You can have your best life now!

Among the Pope’s top tips are such popular memes as:

  • ‘live and let live’ 
  • ‘Be calm’
  • ‘Love the environment’
  • ‘Respect to the yoof’
  • ‘Stop being negative’
  • ‘Stop trying to convert people’

Yep – the pope has been learning well. Pastor Rick will be proud of him.  You couldn’t make it up!!!

Read the Pope’s lifestyle tips here:

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