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Preaching the Catechism


The Synod of Dort gave rules and directives regarding the preaching of the catechism:
1. Ministers who fail to catechise to be censured. 

2. Catechism Sermons to be brief and easy to understand. (Even for children)

3. Small attendance is no excuse not to preach. Even if only the ministers family attends, the sermon is to continue as an example to others. 

4. The minister should petition the authorities to curb work, sporting events etc on the Sabbath, to allow people to attend church for teaching. 

5. Every church benefits from having its own minister – so that catechesis can be done in a second service each week. 

6. ‘Church visitors’ to examine ministers and confessing members to find those unwilling to catechise. 

Payne & Heck, 2013 ‘A Faith Worth Teaching’ RHB, Grand Rapids. P43-44

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