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The Joy of the Angels!


And angels rejoiced too.

Why, when one of God’s elect is born, angels stand around his cradle. He grows up, and runs into sin, angels follow him, tracking him all his way, they gaze with sorrow upon his many wanderings; the fair Peri drops a tear whene’er that loved one sins.
Presently the man is brought under the sound of the gospel. The angel says, “Behold, he begins to hear.” He waits a little while, the word sinks into his heart, a tear runs down his check, and at last he cries from his inmost soul, “God have mercy upon me!”
See! The angel claps his wings, up he flies to heaven, and says, “Brethren angels, list to me: ‘Behold, he prayeth.’” Then they set heaven’s bells ringing; they have a Jubilee in glory; again they shout with gladsome voices, for verily I tell you, “there is joy in heaven among the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.”
They watch us till we pray, and when we pray, they say, “Behold, he prayeth.”
Charles H. Spurgeon- “Paul’s First Prayer,”
A Sermon delivered on Sabbath Morning, March 25th, 1855
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