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August Podcast Hiatus!


Season 2 – Coming in September

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all your support for the Podcast over the last year.  It has been amazing to see how the Lord’s hand has guided over the past year or so.  I had no plans whatsoever to start a ‘radio programme’ and wouldn’t have known how to do so if I’d wanted to. But the first ‘Lockdown’ in 2020 forced me to find a way to keep in touch with the local congregation at Ballymacashon, most of whom had, like myself, no clue how to do a ‘zoom meeting!’  So a simple CD Service was born, and soon that was being distributed more widely among others who couldn’t attend church.  

When the lockdown ended and we were able to meet in person again, the CD ministry continued, but a ‘church service’ format was no longer needed and it became more like a radio show, with the aim of getting online.  

In early 2021 the programme was launched as The Semper Reformata Podcast on  Other platforms soon picked up the RSS feed and now the Podcast can be heard anywhere in the world, by anyone who has a mobile smartphone or a computer.  It is available on all the major Podcast Apps and websites, like Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify etc, and is driving more and more traffic onto the Salty Scrivener blog, where people can read the sermon notes from Ballymacashon and other materials.  And of course the CDs are still being produced every week, and posted out without charge to those who request them.  

Feedback comes in regularly, from local people and others abroad, who have found the podcasts helpful.  Support from Christian friends has enabled me to expand and improve the equipment too, and the addition of the multiple CD burning machine has been a real blessing and a huge time saving device.

I’d love your support to continue.  August will be a month for planning and preparation for the new church year, so there’ll be no podcasts during August, except for the weekly sermons, pre-recorded at Templepatrick Reformed Church, (used with kind permission), but the podcast will be back for a new season in September, with our weekly Catechism Class, Church History, Christian Ethics and Commentary.  

Please remember to pray for this unexpected ministry.  Pray that the podcast will be a blessing to souls, and a blessing to the visible church, that Christ’s Kingdom will be advanced and the Risen Lord glorified as He works through the Podcast ministry.

You can help too.  Just open the podcast app on your mobile phone or device, search for and subscribe to THE SEMPER REFORMATA PODCAST, and please give it a FIVE STAR RATING,  That boosts the podcast’s visibility on your chosen platform, and really helps others to find the podcast.

With every blessing,

Kind regards, 


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