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Covid, Fear and the Biblical Remedy


The Prism – Covid, Fear and the Biblical Remedy

Fear not… but we ARE afraid.  We have been deliberately imprisoned in a government induced state of terror.  A fear of illness and death, even a fear of our fellow human beings.  How did this happen?  Is there a biblical precedent for confronting and dealing with fear and uncertainty?


Listen to the PODCAST – share it with others who are living in fear – it doesn’t deny COVID-19, or discuss the vaccines or their efficacy, it simply helps people to see how their fear of illness has been stoked – and then in the second part of the podcast points clearly to Christ, who bore all our fears to the Cross, and who calls us to trust him – not other men – for perfect love, ONLY found in Jesus, casts out ALL our fears.


  1. Hello from the UK

    Thank you for your post. I have had a quick listen to your podcast and I think it is well said. I myself was slightly wrong footed at the start of April 2020 but soon thought the world had gone stark raving mad.

    I eventually worked things out re Covid 19 by June and have completed a Covid 19 summary on my site which covers the various issues via sub-links. I do use humour as necessary to try and ridicule the ridiculous and raise morale or lighten the mood. I do take a different approach as I fish for souls, any who will hear.

    I have done something myself just now on fear and the remedy should anyone be interested.

    I have pointed out how we have been psychologically manipulated to be afraid of ‘germs’ and viruses via the media which has distorted the truth. Satan is the master liar and always has been.

    As Jesus said the truth will set you free, so people need to know the whole truth about vaccines etc which I explain on my website. You may be surprised at my findings but it makes sense when you understand that evolutionary theory has been the main driver behind the distortion of the truth behind diseases.

    Here’s my link.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

  2. Raymond Stewart permalink

    a clarion cry which is much needed today

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