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Monday PrayerCast – 28th March 2022


News and Prayer Update.

It’s Monday morning, 28th March 2022, this is our weekly NI News and Prayer Update.   Let’s begin with


Last week, on Thursday afternoon, just before the Assembly of the Wicked at Stormont suspended for the election in May, MLA’s voted in favour of a bill which will introduce censorship zones across Northern Ireland, preventing pro-life groups from offering counselling and support to women entering abortion clinics to have their pregnancy terminated, – their unborn child murdered.  

Listen to the PODCAST HERE.

This was a wicked act in more ways than one, for not only does it go against the wishes and beliefs of the vast number of people who live here, as reflected in recent polls, but the committee hearing submissions on this bill declined to hear any voices from the Christian community, and out of 6142 individual responses to the consultation, just 13 were in favour of criminalisation of those offering hope outside clinics.  

It is wicked, because 29 MLAs signed a Petition of Concern against this Bill that would have prevented it from being able to pass. In Stormont, a cross-community vote is required to pass legislation, and 30 signatures on a petition of concern is enough to prevent a Bill being passed.  With just ONE signature short, thousands of contacts were made with members of the Ulster Unionist Party – MLAs who profess to be believers in Christ – but not one of those professed Christians would disobey their party leader and obey God on this matter.  Shame on every one of them.  

The Bill is wicked because it denies women the opportunity to have one last time to think about what they are doing, and to access help from peaceful pro-life volunteers. 

Please pray for these women, pray that God will strike the conscience of those MLA’s who betrayed him.  Pray for the safety of our unborn children.  Statistically, it is safer to be in Ukraine, than in a mother’s womb.  

A link to find out how YOUR MLA voted:  

Or use this handy table:

To add to the sin, misery and rebellion being perpetrated by our ruling cabals, the NI Secretary of State, Brandon Lewis MP has also announced, on the very day that the Assembly passed its murderous anti-baby legislation, that he would act unilaterally, at Westminster to increase abortion provision across NI, again against the expressed wishes of those who live here.

Staying with Stormont, 

On Monday last week the Assembly of the Wicked have gone against the Westminster Parliament by extending the emergency Coronavirus legislation by a further six months.  DUP MLA  Paul Frue has branded this extension as ” extensive, sweeping and draconian.”  Mr Frew had argued that the powers should not be extended.

Baby Carrie

Our battles with the Assembly of the Wicked at Stormont over Abortion and the Gospel, found a strange and tragic impetus last weekend. The Belfast Telegraph carried a report, reminding us of the death of a new born baby twenty years ago. The badly injured body of the poor little girl was found near Carryduff a suburb south of Belfast, and so she was named Carrie by police. Despite extensive enquiries and voluntary DNA tests, the mother of the baby has never been found and no one has been held to account for her death. 

Killing a baby is a despicable act, whether that murder is committed in the womb or after birth. But somewhere out there is a woman, who at that time must have been in turmoil to commit such a vile act. If only she had heard the gospel, been assured that help was available, been spared the lifetime of guilt and shame that must still be haunting her. 

Wherever she is today, there is forgiveness, for no sin even that most heinous sin, is beyond God’s love for sinners. May she, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, repent and believe the Gospel. If you know her, and someone must, urge her to seek help. As the Telegraph said, “It’s not too late to do the right thing.”


Last week I mentioned that western arms had been supplied to paramilitary organisations in Ukraine, who are now armed to the teeth with the latest western weapons. In NI we know what happens when paramilitaries are stocked up with foreign armaments. Sure enough through the week hundreds of videos have emerged of men in Ukrainian uniforms, especially Azov paramilitaries, administering punishment beatings to Ukrainian citizens. The videos are brutal, tying men and women and children to lampposts stripping them and thrashing them. 

As I’ve said before, the ordinary people of Ukraine are being used as pawns in this war. They are suffering from all sides. They need our prayers. 

Todays Grace Gem. 

This week’s Grace Gem comes from John Newton, who wrote…

Wickedness prevails and increases in our city to a dreadful degree! Our streets are filled with the sons of Belial, who neither fear God, nor regard man. I wish my heart was more affected with what my eyes see and my ears hear every day! I am often ready to fear lest the Lord should show His displeasure in some dreadful way!

And surely, if He were strict to mark all that is amiss, I myself would tremble! Oh, were He to plead against me, I could not answer Him one word! Alas! my dear friend, you know not what a poor, unprofitable, unfaithful creature I am! If you knew the evils which I feel within, and the snares and difficulties which beset me from without—you would pity me indeed!

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Let’s pray – Heavenly Father, the great and awesome God, You are the One who keeps Your covenant and lovingkindness with those who love You and with those who obey Your commandments. We have sinned and committed iniquity; we have been wicked and have from Your judgments. To You alone belong mercy and forgiveness, even though we have rebelled against You. We have not obeyed Your voice to walk in Your laws, which You set before us through Your servants the prophets.  We pray that you would make those of us who know you strong and courageous.  May we not be afraid or dismayed, for you O God will be with us, wherever we go, Amen

That’s it for today.  If you have any news from NI, that you’d like included – I can’t include everything – email me,  This week on the podcast, join me tomorrow (Tuesday) for Catechism Class, going live on Spotify at 1pm, and shortly after, on the other Podcast platforms – and on Saturday morning a sermon from the Book of Acts series.

That’s all for now!  Don’t give up, – lift up your head! Don’t be discouraged, – let’s keep watching, and keep praying, and keep believing in our Sovereign Lord, who overrules everything in the universe.

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