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Why No Women Pastors? 1 Tim 2:11-15


A Faithful Woman’s Ministry

Where Paul Defines Women’s Ministry in1 Timothy 2:11-15  

The Bible has a very high view of women. READ: Galatians 3:28, Despite the attack of feminists and liberals, Paul was no misogynist. But, he insists, there is one single thing that a woman shouldn’t do.  


l. A Compliant Ministry! Let a woman learn in silence with all submission. 12 And I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, but to be in silence.

  • Women are to LEARN. Jewish boys were taught the Torah, were schooled in religion. Jewish girls were not expected to learn anything about their faith. Christian women are to LEARN. We all are, – and Christian women are no different in this respect that men – to be theological scholars! Now notice that women (and men) are to learn…  
    • Quietly and submissively. We are to subject ourselves to God’s Word, – to learn from it, to gain knowledge. To be teachable!
    • With a great deal of submission. With FULL submission, the highest possible degree of submission. Might I suggest that to stop talking and start actively learning might be good advice for all of us!  
  • Women are not to TEACH. This is the one single thing that women are forbidden from doing, and it was a law obeyed in the church for 2000 years. A woman is not to teach in the gathered church! That is because the most authoritative thing that we do in our worship, which Paul is regulating here, is to declare the Word of God! Preaching is a bold declaration of God’s Truth, as set out in his Word. It is ‘thus and thus saith the Lord.’ To read and preach and teach the word is an authoritative task. A woman is not to take such authority, or assert authority over a man in a gathered service of the church. 1 Corinthians 11:2-3   A woman simply cannot be a pastor for that reason. This is not localised to Ephesus either, it is a universal principle. 1 Cor 14:34   And when Paul teaches on headship to the Corinthians, he tells them that this is not just for them, but for ALL the churches. 1 Cor. 11:16  

But where would the church be without woman who are able to teach? But that’s not what Paul is talking about here. This passage has been about prayer, in the overall context of the church, the gathered church, meeting for worship, as the body of Christ. READ Titus 2:3  The older women are to teach the youngerwomen godly ways! 

2. A Created Ministry! v13-14 For Adam was formed first, then Eve. 14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived, fell into transgression.

Paul introduces the theological background to his argument. It has to do with the created order, – the way God ordained things at the beginning. This is the way God made us, and our heavenly Father knows what is best for us. Paul brings two very early events to our attention:-

  • Eve’s creation. How was Eve created? Out of man. Genesis 2:21-24  It was the very first marriage. That created order – the man, then the woman, affects our:
    • Appearance. 1 Corinthians 11:3 1 Corinthians 11:10  
    • Relationships. Here’s Jesus’ teaching on human sexuality and marriage, Matthew 19:4-6  
    • Ministry. Titus 1:5-6  
  • Eve’s deception. Falling into sin. Now what was the temptation that deceived Eve? Here it is from Genesis 3:1f, …  Casting doubt upon God’s Word is the oldest trick in the devil’s book of deception and lies. And isn’t that exactly what the feminists and the liberals and the woman clergy are doing. God plainly says in his word – ‘I suffer not a woman to teach or usurp authority over a man’ – and they say, ‘But did God really say that… ‘ So easy to fall into sin by not accepting the plain word of God at face value.

3. A Covenant Ministry! v15 Nevertheless she will be saved in childbearing if they continue in ,faith. love, and holiness, with self control.

It is a requirement of the Covenant of Grace that we bring our children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord  and what a great ministry that is! I Corinthians 7:14  Children raised in a Godly home should be totally different from children raised in a secular environment. However, before we consider that further we ought to look at this phrase:-

  • A Family Ministry. See…
    • The child-bearer. Some commentators have suggested that this might actually be a reference to the role of Mary, for it was through her work of childbearing that God’s Son was brought forth into this world, and through his came our salvation. But there is probably a much simpler explanation…
    • The family ministry. READ 2 Timothy 1:4  Even Wm Barclay, a liberal who disputes this passage has to conclude, “Women will find salvation not in addressing meetings, but in motherhood, which is their crown – A woman is queen within her own home.” And what of those women who have no children of their own? Their job is often to be a mother and a friend and a teacher to the younger women – to be a godly influence on them, as a mother would be to a child.
  • A Long-Term Ministry. What a challenging ministry this is. You see the pastor for an hour each Sunday, and he has twenty five minutes or so to teach you the way of salvation, and to influence your life. But mothers have 16 or more years to be a godly influence on little lives, – and you must be real… no pretence, for they see your actions and hear your words twenty four hours a day, seven days a week… What a huge challenge! Here’s the characteristics of this ministry:-
  • Faith. Faith to believe that the children that the Lord has given to us are the heirs of the promise of salvation.  Acts 2:39  
  • Love. For it takes a great deal of love to exercise this ministry, love that loves people who are sinners, as our children are – and so are we, and we must love him and her as Christ loved us, sinners…
  • Holiness. Not that we have any intrinsic holiness of our own, we are justified saints and simultaneously sinners, but Christ’s holiness is imparted to us, – and we must continually point our children to him, and they must see Him indwelling us…

All of the Scriptures are inspired, – not just the bits we like. We don’t even need to understand it – we just need to obey.

© Bob McEvoy 2022

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