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Ballymacashon 2020 Bible Study Plan

TABLE-TALK @ Ballymacashon

2020 Study Plan: Personal and General Eschatology.

Sadly the Covid-19 Lockdown has greatly disrupted this plan of study, as churches in Northern Ireland were not permitted to meet between March and July.  


Week 1. (Monday Extra 6th January) A Simple Introduction.

Week 2. 14th January. What’s useful about a study like this? Questions on the Simple Introduction, the End Times in general, discussion and a few reasons why we should study this subject.

Week 3. 21st January. The taboo subject. Death and the Immortality of the Soul.



Week 1. 11th February. The Intermediate State 1. Where do the Spirits of believers go when they die? Shall we know each other in heaven?

Week 2. 18th February. The Intermediate State 2. More questions about heaven. Do we remember what happened during our time on earth? Is there TIME in heaven? Can see people contact us?


Week 1. (Monday Extra 2nd March). Purgatory. (And that’s just the sermon!)

Week 2. 10th March. Hard Questions 1. The eternal destiny of the lost. Will there be degrees of punishment?

Week 3. 18th March. Hard Questions 2. What about people who have never heard the gospel? Are babies who have died in infancy in heaven? Will those who die without Christ have a second chance?


Week 1. (Monday Extra 6th April) Review and quiz and discussion.

Week 2. 14th April. Signs of the Times 1. The Gospel Age and the Great Apostasy.

Week 3. 21st April. Signs of the Times 2 The Great Tribulation.


Week 1. 12th May. The Antichrist. Who is he? Why do some Christian Confessions say that the Pope is the Antichrist? What do Christ’s need to know about the coming if the Antichrist – or is he already here?

Week 2. 19th May. Signs of the Times 3. Are there any discernible signs in this present age?


Week 1 (Monday Extra 8th June) Review, quiz and Discussion.

Week 2. 9th June. What’s all the fuss about Israel? What does the Bible mean when it says ‘all Israel will be saved?’

Week 3. 16th June. The Millennium. The binding of Satan and the reign of the saints.


Week 1. 19th July. ‘The Blessed Hope.’


Week 1. 11th August. The Resurrection (or is it ‘resurrections?’)

Week 2. 18th August. Resurrection and ‘Armageddon.’ But what’s that?


Week 1. (Monday Extra 7th September). Review, quiz and discussion.

Week 2. 8th September. The ‘Rapture.’ The dispensational view.

Week 3. 15th September. The ‘Rapture.’ The biblical view.


Week 1. (Monday Extra 5th October). Review of teaching on the Rapture, quiz and discussion.

Week 2. 13th October The Final Judgment 1. How many judgements, who will be the judge, etc.

Week 3. 20th October. The Final Judgment 2. Whose standard of law in this court, and what are the final outcomes?


Week 1. 10th November. The final state of the lost, – annihilation, or eternal conscious punishment? Is Hell just an absence of God’s presence? Are the fires of hell literal?

Week 2. 17th November. The final state of the blessed. What will it be like to live in a new universe? What are the promises about heaven made by Christ to the believer? Are saints in heaven aware of the suffering of the lost in hell? What is the ‘Sea of Chrystal’.


Week 1. 8th December. The Christian Funeral. What should a Christian funeral look like? Is it a celebration of life, or a celebration of passing into God’s immediate presence? Is it looking back, or looking forward? Does a human become an angel when he/she dies? Do our late loved ones ‘look down upon us from heaven?’ These and other questions.

Tuesday meetings are the 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 8pm, except July and December.

Monday Extra Meetings are held at Ballygowan at 7.30pm and are informal with refreshments afterwards. There are no Monday Extra Meetings in February, May and November to allow for Church Business Meetings. Monday Extra in August is the annual Barbecue and Monday Extra in December is the Annual Church Dinner.

Everyone is Welcome.