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Abortion – and the Value of Every Life

The Semper Reformata Podcast.

Abortion – and the Value of Every Life whether BORN OR UNBORN.

Please tune in to the PODCAST and give it a listen. This is probably the most difficult podcast I have ever recorded.


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Catechism Class: LD 8 The Trinity

The Holy Trinity

Text:  Matthew 3:16-17  

Catechism Reference: Lord’s Day 8,  Q/A 24 & 25 24. How are these articles divided?  Into three parts: the first is of God the Father and our creation; the second, of God the Son and our redemption; the third, of God the Holy Ghost and our sanctification.:25. Since there is but one Divine Being,(1) why do you speak of three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost?  Because God. has so revealed Himself in His Word, that these three distinct persons are the one, true, eternal God. Yet to say that God is one in three and three in one is well beyond the powers of human comprehension, – it contradicts reason.  But God has chosen to reveal enough of Himself for us to know enough about him, until we meet Him in glory and when we will understand it all more fully. 1 Cor. 13:9-12  

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Elders? Acts 20:13-38

Paul’s Charge to the Ephesian Elders

Text: Acts 20:13-38 1 Timothy 3:1ff , 1

Paul is leaving Ephesus, never to return, and the elders will be responsible for the local church, and will answer to God for their stewardship of the people. So, who and what were these ‘elders’ and what was Paul saying to them about their role in the church?

Elders? What are they and what do they do in the church?
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Catechism Class – LD7D Q22

What we MUST Believe!

1 Corinthians 15:1-4.

Heidelberg Catechism L/D7 Q22. What, then, must a Christian believe? All that is promised us in the gospel, which the articles of our universal and undoubted Christian faith teach us in a summary.  The Catechist goes on to remind us of the Apostles Creed, – a summary of Christian Doctrine. Interestingly, Christianity is not about what we feel, it is about what we BELIEVE.  Do you remember the Philippians jailer?  He asked what must I do to be saved?  In fact there was nothing he could do!  It was already done, by Jesus at the Cross.  Our response is to (passively) believe and to trust.  SO, WHAT WE BELIEVE, must be really important.  So much so that Paul summarises the irreducible minimum of the faith in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.  He tells us what we MUST believe.   That would not be popular in some circles if he were engaged in such a task today, for in many sections of the visible church today, the preaching of Christian Doctrine is studiously avoided! Some ministers will even go so far as to argue:

For every one that useth milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe.

Hebrews 5:13

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TableTalk – The Church #2

The Church that We See. 

Text.  1 Corinthians 1:2  

Savoy: The whole body of men throughout the world, professing the faith of the gospel and obedience unto God by Christ according to it, not destroying their own profession by any errors everting the foundation, or unholiness of conversation, are, and may be called the visible catholic church of Christ; although as such it is not entrusted with the administration of any ordinances, or have any officers to rule or govern in, or over the whole body. ( 1 Corinthians 1:2; Acts 11:26; Romans 1:7; Ephesians 1:20-22 ) 

Notice again that the confession speaks of the world-wide church.  How can we describe the ‘visible church?’

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Pastoral Integrity. Acts 20:13-38

Paul’s Pastoral Integrity

Text: Acts 20:13-38 

We’re looking at this passage in two parts, Paul’s INTEGRITY in ministry, and his INSTRUCTIONS to the church leaders.  Let’s think about his ministry, and his integrity, his honesty and sincerity. 

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Catechism Class – LD7c Q22.

The Greatest Commission

Matthew 28:16-20, H/C Q/A  22-23 

Heidelberg Q/A 22. What, then, is necessary for a Christian to believe?  All that is promised us in the Gospel, which the articles of our catholic, undoubted Christian faith teach us in summary.

What is the Gospel, and how is it to be proclaimed? Our ‘mission statement’ has been given to us by Jesus!  It is found in the closing words of the Gospel of Matthew.  It’s often known as ‘The Great Commission.’  Let’s look at these verses together.

Listen to this lesson as a PODCAST. CLICK THIS LINK.

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Eutychus – Acts 20:7-12


Text: Acts 20:7-12.  (1st Corinthians 11:18-34)

This little passage is about a young man who fell asleep, and whose sleepiness is recorded for us in the bible, so that we can learn from it, and so that we can be encouraged, as the people at Troas were!

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Special Meeting.

Special meeting this Lord’s Day at 3.30pm. A vital meeting for challenging times. Please join us.

TableTalk – The Church #1

The Church that God Alone Sees

Text. Revelation 7. 

Read the following two passages of Scripture.  In both of them the Church is mentioned, but in different ways.  What are the differences?

Acts 13:1

Colossians 1:18

Did you see the difference?  In Acts 13 the church is a local, visible group of people, meeting together in a particular location.  In Colossians 1, the church is much more than that, it is every  true believer, under Christ as the head of the church, from all over the world, – everyone who has been granted new life in Christ by grace, through faith alone.  The entire people of God.  In this lesson, we want to learn something about the invisible church, that body of people, who are truly saved, the elect of God, redeemed through the atoning work of Christ on the cross for sinners.

The Church

In this short introductory lesson we want to learn three simple facts about the true church of Christ. Reformed Christians state their belief in the Invisible Church like this:- The catholic or universal church, which is invisible, consists of the whole number of the elect, that have been, are, or shall be gathered into one under Christ, the Head thereof, and is the Spouse, the Body, the fulness of him that filleth all in all.  (Savoy Declaration of Faith)

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