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Purpose of Predestination: Adoption

Text: Ephesians 1:5-6

In Christ, we are given a new destiny, a new status before God, a new relationship with the world and those who dwell in it and a new family. It is to that new family that we must refer now – to our ADOPTION as the children of God.

1. Definition of ‘God’s CHILDREN.’ Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children
There it is, – from before the foundation of the world, God chose us for a purpose, to be a part of his family – to be his children. Let’s define what we mean by ‘The Children of God.’

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Catechism Class: LD27 Q72-73

Lord’s Day 27 Q72-73 – Does Baptism Save? 

This is a different kind of catechism class, – we’re going to digress for an episode, to look at a rather difficult passage of scripture.  

Q72 asks. Does this outward washing with water itself wash away sins? A. No, only the blood of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit cleanse us from all sins. He has been teaching us about how we are made right with God, through Christ, through faith alone. The sacraments don’t save us. But look at 1 Peter 3:21-22. 1 Peter 3:21-22 Baptism, which corresponds to this, now saves you… Let’s be absolutely clear about what Peter is saying here.‘Baptism… saves us!’  Now, we may not like that, and we may wish Peter hadn’t written it, but we certainly haven’t got the right to disregard it or deny it.  Peter is an apostle, who wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  His words here are part of Holy Scripture, every bit as inspired as the gospels…  So we accept that what Peter is saying is true. “Baptism saves us.” Now, let’s ask another question.  HOW does baptism save us?  Let’s look closely at the verse and see, first of all:-


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Election: Fact, Fulness and Function.

Text: Ephesians 1:3-5 

We are looking at Ephesians chapter 1. Paul is going to teach the Ephesians some fundamental truths in this letter to make them aware of how their salvation was purchased for them, and then he is going to teach them how to practically apply those truths, doctrine leading to practice. So we start at the beginning of his letter, in 1:1-5 where Paul reminds these Gentile believers that God has chosen them to be His.

1 The Fact of Election. V4 According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world

Let’s firstly establish the fact that God has a chosen people, those who are his. We call them, His ELECT people.  So, the facts of election… 


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The Providence of God and the Life of Man.

Read: James 4:13-17

People sometimes say, “I don’t need God, tomorrow will be rosy, failure is not on my agenda.” That you make your own future. That’s the very attitude that James is dealing with here.

1 Self-sufficiency. 13 Go to now, ye that say, To day or to morrow we will go into such a city, and continue there a year, and buy and sell, and get gain:

Relying on self. Self-sufficiency is planning without God.

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John Hears About the Popularity of Jesus.

John the Baptist (4) John 3:22-36

We have been looking at the ministry and witness of John the Baptist. And now we move now to an incident that occurred near the end of John’s ministry, just before his imprisonment. This passage could well be summed up in three simple words, ENVY, HUMILITY, and ETERNITY.

1 Envy. John 3:25-26  

John’s ministry, as we have seen, had met with great success, in numerical terms. But John was in Samaria now, – the people still came, but there would now be smaller crowds at John’s baptisms.

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Behold the Lamb!

John the Baptist (3)

Text: John 1:29-34 Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.

In this study we want to look at the passage which contains an absolute gem of a verse. Let’s spend a little time exploring its brightness, and exploring its riches. Let’s see:-

1. Christ Coming to John. The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God Chronologically, this passage occurs after Jesus’ baptism, and after his temptation in the wilderness. Now, he comes to John, who openly declares his vicarious purpose… Jesus is the LAMB OF GOD.

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Christmas Trees in Worship – An Idolatry?

Christmas Trees in Worship – An Idolatry?

Christmas Trees in Church

Should we allow a Christmas Tree to be displayed in a place where the worship of God is taking place? It’s a question recently asked by a Christian friend.  It’s important to remember, firstly that this question is ‘adiaphora’ – it is not a matter of saving faith, it is something over which Christians can disagree with each other without being disagreeable! Is there a specific verse that says, “You shall not have a Christmas tree…” NO! And having, or not having a Christmas Tree in church will not result in eternal loss, neither are those who take one position or the other in any way apostate or heretical.


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Where Do Wars Come From?

Text: James 4:1-10 

Where do wars come from? It’s not the question that we usually ask, when we are talking about conflict. The more common question is, “Who’s to blame?” “Who started it…?” But James isn’t asking who starts wars and conflicts, he’s asking WHERE do they come from. James gives us an insight into the real source of war…  Let’s look at this text and see if there are any lessons for us, on this special day, when we remember those who went to fight in wars in our defence. The apostle makes two specific points, particular to the church, and he concludes with a more general observation. Notice firstly it is…


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Look Back – to BAPTISM?

Catechism Class. Lord’s Day 26 Q69 and 70 – Baptism

The catechist wants us to look at the two sacraments individually and we begin with baptism. In Lord’s Day 26, Q69 he asks, Q/A 69. How is it signified and sealed to you in Holy Baptism that you have part in the one sacrifice of Christ on the cross? Our answer is, “Thus: that Christ instituted this outward washing with water and joined to it this promise, that I am washed with His blood and Spirit from the pollution of my soul, that is, from all my sins, as certainly as I am washed outwardly with water, whereby commonly the filthiness of the body is taken away.”

When a Christian sins, the Holy Spirit will convict him or her, and their conscience will trouble him, until he or she repents. So, what do YOU think about when you have sinned? A modern version of the catechism rewords Q69 in a way that is easier for us to understand. “How does baptism REMIND you and assure you that Christ’s one sacrifice on the cross is for you personally?” Firstly, baptism is a constant reminder for when we sin. Then, baptism speaks to us of our personal salvation.

Listen to the PODCAST HERE.

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John the Baptist – Part 2

John the Baptist Part 2

Matthew 3:13-17 

In our last study, we looked at the ministry of John the Baptist, and we noticed that his ministry was a clear and unambiguous gospel message, of Repentance from sin, turning to Christ, the only Saviour, the application of Christ’s saving work by the Holy Spirit, warning about failure to repent, and danger of the terrible judgment of God, and the safety and security of those who are Christ’s. So let’s look at an encounter with the Lord Jesus at Jordan and ask why Jesus was baptised at Jordan? Let’s examine this very interesting incident from the ministry of John and see what lessons we can learn from it. I want to break this passage up into three distinct conversations:-

1 John Speaks to Jesus. Matthew 3:13-14  

Now, see:-

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