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The Semper Reformata Podcast

How God Saves Sinners The Semper Reformata Podcast

How God Saves Sinners!A Lesson from Daniel Chapter Four.On the surface, this account is about a dream, a bad dream, that came true. But the real lesson in the story, is about how God saves sinners!This podcast contains a sermon, preached at Ballymacashon Church, – it is a little echoey, and contains traffic noises etc.Read the NOTES Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  1. How God Saves Sinners
  2. Catechism Class. LD 22C Q57 The Resurrection of the Dead
  3. The Furnace of Obedience
  4. Catechism Class: LD22B Q57 The Physical Body
  5. The Death of a Monarch Changes Everything and Nothing

The Podcast

Christian Ethics, Reformed Doctrine, Regulative Principle of Worship, Congregationalism, and of course, the Heidelberg Catechism are all topics that are discussed on The Semper Reformata Podcast, hosted by Bob McEvoy, the pastor of The Old Reformed Church at Ballymacashon, Killinchy, Co.Down, Northern Ireland.

The Semper Reformata Podcast began during the first UK National Lockdown, early in 2020, when church services were moved on-line.  It became apparent that a large number of elderly Christian believers who did not have computers or internet access, were missing out on regular bible teaching and encouragement.  I decided then to post a free CD to those who requested one, containing a short Bible message and a catechism Class, easy introductions to Reformed doctrine, using the Heidelberg Catechism as the basis of those lessons.  Later I moved these short messages online, and the Semper Reformata Podcast was born.

The Podcast is now available on most of the popular platforms, but the weekly CD’s are still provided free of charge to elderly listeners in Northern Ireland.  You can help with this simple ministry too.  Each CD and postage costs around £2 ($2.75).  To help with the costs look at the upper right part of this webpage and you’ll find a friendly ‘Buy Me a Coffee’ button.  I promise, that if you buy me a coffee, I’ll pay for the coffee myself, and put your contribution towards the cost of the CD’s for older people!  

Thanks for your help.  I know it will be appreciated.

Follow this link to listen:

Thanks again Bob, for another valuable and informative Bible lesson


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