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About Bob

The Salty Scrivener is the blog of Rev Robert K McEvoy, the minister in charge of Ballymacashon Congregational Church, Saintfield Road Killinchy, Co Down.

Bob McEvoy was born in Ligoneil, Belfast (NI) on 18th Jan 1954. Brought up in Bangor, Co. Down, he came to saving faith in Christ in 1970, when, hearing a sermon on Isaiah 53:5 (But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed) he first realised that Christ’s death on the Cross had been to atone for his (Bob’s) sins – personally. That realisation awakened his spirit through the convicting and persuading work of the Holy Spirit, and he responded by trusting in what Christ had already done.

He entered full time service as pastor of Annaghanoon Elim Church in 1985. However, even at that early point in ministry his convictions about Pentecostalism were beginning to waver. As an amillennialist his eschatological views were contrary to those prevailing in his church and denomination. Later as a Calvinist and cessationist he found himself uncomfortable and unwelcome in some circles. By the time the so-called ‘Toronto Blessing’ arrived in the UK in the late 1990’s, the time had come to go.

In 2002 he left Elim and became the minister of Albert Bridge Congregational Church in Belfast, where he remained until 2009 when he took up his present post at Ballymacashon.

Married to Janette, he has two adult children, both married, and three grandchildren. He lives in Ballygowan, a small town in Co. Down.

img_3611-1Throughout his life and ministry, Bob has been challenged by his Aspergers Syndrome, a mild form of Autism, which makes reading social signs difficult and hinders interpersonal relationships. He sometimes comments on this in the blog.  For more information, read:

  1. Henry Hugh McAuley permalink

    Hi Bob, just came across your site this morning. Actually passed Ballymacashon church last week when out for a run, in the car that is! Trust the Lord will bless your ministry as we fight against principalities etc…

  2. Alan Mcmanus permalink

    Just read a post about the solway martyr girls Bob amazing boldness thanks for posting it

  3. Kathleen permalink

    Today my family said our sad goodbyes to my father Joe. Our own minister is away and Bob very kindly stepped in. As soon as Bob spoke at the service, his soothing voice immediately gave us a soothing calm. People commented afterwards how Bob seemed to have known us really well, not realising that we had only met us a couple of days ago. Bob, I will never forget you and I am eternally grateful for your support xx

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