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Christian Singleness – Matthew 19:10-12

The Disciples and Singleness – Bed of Roses or Can of Worms? 

Text. Matthew 19:1-4, 11-12. 

The world celebrates singleness regarding it as an opportunity for unbridled sexual pleasure.  One of the movie industry’s roaring successes was the feature length film based on the TV series ‘Sex in the City.’  It set out to examine the lives of four unattached women living in the city, and going through a series of relationships, allegedly exploring contemporary issues.  You can be sure that the issues were all ‘explored’ from a liberal, ‘sexually liberated’ standpoint.  In this present age, singleness is frequently about sexual pleasure, without commitment.  What does the Bible teach us about sexuality, singleness and the Christian lifestyle?


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Love and Marriage

Love and Marriage

Text: Matthew 19:1-5

Have you heard the phrase ‘equal marriage?’  It’s a term that has been coined of recent years, to make Christians and others ‘look and feel bad’ about disagreeing with homosexual marriage, to paint them as bigots who are denting the basic human right of equality to others, “who just love each other and want to express that love in the lifelong commitment of marriage.  It was framed to make the Christian look bad, to look like the bigot, for he who controls the language controls the debate.  

So, when we are under such attack, the Christian believer really needs to know his or her stuff.  We need to know what marriage is, how equality is really expressed in marriage.  We need some clear thinking about marriage. Let’s see…

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Text. Obadiah 1:1-21

Obadiah is only 1 chapter, and 21 verses, and most people avoid it! Let’s explore it, and see if we can find out its purpose, and what lessons we can learn from it.

1 Backgroud and Historical Context?

Let’s do our basics first.  Who was Obadiah, where did he do his work and what was that work, and when did he do it?

  • Who was Obadiah?  Very little is known about him.  His name means “Servant of Yahweh (Jehovah)”, and was quite common.  Thirteen different Obadiahs appear in the Old Testament. Any more than that is speculation.  
  • An Indefinite Date.  We can’t really put a precise date on Obadiah, for the events of Obadiah, the cruelty that Edom perpetrated upon Israel, started with Esau, and continued until Edom finally died as a nation in the Inter-Testamental period.  The events described in Obadiah could fit many periods of history during the time of the divided kingdoms.  So…
  • A Long Running Grudge. Obadiah’s prophecy is about EDOM.  Now, who or what was Edom?  Edom was a land to the South of Israel, and the word Edom means RED.  They were the descendants of Esau.   Esau hated his brother Jacob so much, that he went to his uncle Ishmael (Abraham’s other son by the slave girl) and married a Canaanite, his cousin.  From that union came the nation of Edom.  Genesis 28:6-9. 

So, to summarise, there’s a nation to the south of Israel, referred to in Obadiah as the ‘brother’ of Israel v10,  They should have been friends, helped each other, but instead, they were the enemies of Israel, a family feud that went on for centuries, a grudge. Every time Israel came under pressure, Edom joined in against her.  Read more…



Text. Matthew 19:4 And He answered and said to them, “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’

Matthew 19 deals with important ethical issues and opens up a discussion on a modern ethical issue, TRANSGENDERISM. It’s an important issue to address, because nowadays some don’t seem to know the difference between men and women.


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Which Household? Matthew 12:43-50

Which Household Are You In?

Text.  Matthew 12:43-50

The Pharisees are antagonistic towards the earthly ministry of Jesus, and throughout this chapter that antagonism has been steadily growing. Jesus has physically demonstrated his divine power in healing, has engaged in teaching, has defeated them with irrefutable logic and has pointed them ahead to his death, burial and resurrection, as their only hope.  He has called upon them to repent and believe in him, or stand before God on judgement day, condemned. He has warned them too, that they cannot be neutral, they cannot sit on the fence or be undecided. Matthew 12:30  


Part of God’s family – through Jesus.

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Sin is…

Sin is . . .

“Is not your wickedness great? Are not your sins endless?” Job 22:5

Man is made up of divers lusts and passions! Pride, ambition, envy, vanity, resentment, anger, covetousness, immorality, cruelty–these and many evil appetites and emotions besides, flow through all his nature in fierce and malignant currents, and are his very being’s poisoned blood and fevered pulse! They break out . . .
in oaths and curses,
in fightings and violence,
in debauchery and orgy;
in spoken falsehood and acted lies,
in words of lewdness and deeds of shame!

Sin is . . .

earth’s great burden,
humanity’s deforming blot,
the enemy of God,
the transgressor of His law,
the great soul-poison and heart-plague,
the only thing which really defiles man,
pollution, misery, guilt,
incipient Hell,
the only thing to which we can give, in its fullest sense, the emphatic name of evil.

Jesus could not look on sin without abhorrence. The sight of that cursed thing which had insulted His heavenly Father and filled a happy world with woe and horror, kindled His zeal and revenge; and while the Lamb’s gentleness encouraged the sinner, the Lion’s fury still flashed upon the sin.

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord!” Romans 6:23

(“The Lamb of God!” James Hamilton, 1814-1867)


Sinners, Signs and Salvation. Jonah 12:38-42

Sinners, Signs and Salvation

Matthew 12:38-42

The Pharisees are back. But this was some of them, not all.  Perhaps just a small number who were having some doubts.  Still, they come with a request, if you like, a PRAYER, and in answering it, Jesus gives a very plain warning, about their unrepentant hearts, and makes the way of the Gospel very plain to them…

1 The Wickedness of a Whole Generation.  38 Then some of the scribes and Pharisees answered, saying, “Teacher, we want to see a sign from You.

Let’s see this description of the heart of mankind in every generation.  39 But He answered and said to them, “An evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign.

  • Evil.  They are evil. Mankind is evil in every generation Romans 3:10 -12  Paul was directly quoting from Ps. 14, a passage the Pharisees would have known very well indeed.  Psalm 14:1-3  The Pharisees knew this doctrine, but the next description must have cut them to the bone…
  • Adulterous.  These were the rigid keepers of the law, how can there be any suggestion of adultery with these well-behaved, religious people.  Of course they were hypocrites, and there may well have been adultery in their wicked hearts, but there is a deeper meaning here, that the Pharisees would well understand. The OT is full of references to Israel, as an unfaithful bride, betrothed to her husband, who loves her dearly, yet whoring after other gods of her own making.  (cf Hosea and Gomer the prostitute wife.) By calling them adulterous, Jesus is succinctly reminding them that they have wandered far from the God with whom they should be in a covenant relationship.   
  • Sensation seekers.  They want a sign. They want some great event, something to excite them and entertain them.  Just like every generation.  The written Word of God, – is not enough for them, they want to see something spectacular.  

So, in effect the Pharisees have come to Jesus with a prayer, a request to the Lord Jesus.  There’s a biblical principle, and it’s found in James 4:3  Their motive for asking was wrong, and their prayer went unanswered. and no sign will be given to it … They did not receive what they sought, YET, in mercy…

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