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Ekstasis Worship?

Bob McEvoy:

Patricia King and “Ekstasis Worship”. A good article on Defending / Contending.

Originally posted on Defending. Contending.:

Reposted from “The Museum of Idolatry”.  This is the result of what happens when you get away from the truth of God’s Word. Incredibly, the guy speaking in the background and talking about ekstasis worship makes a bold statement that does not line up with Scripture starting around :40 seconds into the video.

“It’s no longer that you have to study the Word, but when you’re inside of an infused atmosphere with dancing and your body is moving and the Word is coming and the music – it becomes part of you…with the repetitiveness of the music, the Word is driven into your body.”

This is heresy and is not in line with the true Word of God.


‘Ekstasis worship’?

Did you know Patricia King wants you to experience Ekstasis Worship? We will let Patricia King introduce you to this bizzarre worship experience:

“Have you ever heard…

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Touched by a Demon?

Bob McEvoy:

What’s the connection between Roma Downey and Contemporary Christian Music artists? A good article on Defending Contending Blog.

Originally posted on Defending. Contending.:


Roma Downey, from the hit series “Touched by an Angel” speaks from the heart in this video, and if there is any doubt in your mind about where she stands in her theology, this will more than clear that up. She openly admits to being a Roman Catholic and even more surprising is that she openly admits that she prays to “Mary, the blessed mother.”

For those who watched the movie, “Son of God”, you should be aware that this is not the movie that any Biblically based Christian should be supporting or endorsing. However, the rabbit hole continues to go down into Never Never Land as many within the CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) scene fully endorse Roma Downey, who is also a New Age sympathizer.

The movie, “Son of God” is actually a Trojan Horse.

Read here for further proof of this debacle – “We Will Stand.” …

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Introduction to 1st Timothy. 1 Timothy 1:1-3

Paul Writes to Timothy

Text: 1 Timothy 1:1-7, 6:20-21
There is so much in 1st Timothy that will will be profitable to us, for Paul is writing to a young pastor and telling him, in modern terms, to “hang in there”. To persevere, even when the going gets tough. It’s a message we all will benefit from. So we commence with a short introduction to the author and recipient. Read more…

Why I No Longer Believe In The Dispensationalist Rapture.

Bob McEvoy:

Here’s an interesting article from David Bissett. I like his treatment of Marthew 24, and the ‘one taken, one left behind’ theory.

Originally posted on Evangelism Blog Of A B.C.M. Missionary.:

Why I No Longer Believe In The Dispensationalist Rapture.


This is why I no longer believe in the Pretrib dispensationalist rapture notice the context and ask the question who was swept away or taken in the days of Noah? it wasn’t the righteous, it was the wicked who were taken and the righteous who were left on the earth. This is a clear reference to Gods coming in judgement upon Jerusalem in AD70 when its wicked inhabitants (who Crucified Jesus and persecuted and murdered believers) were swept away and the believers who fled Jerusalem were left behind.

Matthew 24:37-41 (KJV)
“37 But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. 38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, 39…

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Cafeteria Catholicism

Cafeteria Catholics

We’ve been familiar for quite a while now with the idea of ‘Cappuccino Christians’ – those ‘evangelicals’ whose faith and confession of Christianity are so shallow that they resemble a popular hot drink, all froth and bubble and sweetness and with a minimum of substance. Now we seem to have another new subdivision of ‘Christendom,’ with the designation by of some Roman Catholics as ‘cafeteria catholics’. I don’t know who originally coined the term, But it seems that these are the Catholics who want to pick and choose which parts of their faith to practice from the perceived ‘menu’ of religious and ethical beliefs and practices offered by their church. Typically, the issues involved are divorce and remarriage, homosexuality, birth control, pre-marital sex and abortion. Read more…

Heidelberg Catechism – Lord’s Day 15


37. What do you understand by the word “suffered?”
That all the time He lived on earth, but especially at the end of His life, He bore, in body and soul, the wrath of God against the sin of the whole human race;(1) in order that by His suffering, as the only atoning sacrifice,(2) He might redeem our body and soul from everlasting damnation, and obtain for us the grace of God, righteousness, and eternal life.
(1)I Pet. 2:24; Isa. 53:12. (2)I Jn. 2:2; 4:10; Rom. 3:25-26; Ps. 22:14-16; Mt. 26:38; Rom. 5:6.

38. Why did He suffer “under Pontius Pilate” as judge?
That He, being innocent, might be condemned by the temporal judge,(1) and thereby deliver us from the severe judgment of God, to which we were exposed.(2)
(1)Acts 4:27-28; Lk. 23:13-15; Jn. 19:4. (2)Ps. 69:4; II Cor. 5:21; Mt. 27:24.
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It Was a LIE!

Originally posted on Defending. Contending.:

Any Christian with basic knowledge of the Bible knew it was a false tale – a lie – from the very Heaven

beginning. But how many professing Christians were taken in? We who claim Christ should not be such easy targets for deceptive tales that rail against the Word of God given to us.

Now, the publisher, author, his parents, and who all else who was involved in allowing this take the country by storm admit is was a lie! Of course, the Washington Post has the story – when has that paper not delighted in trying to bring disgrace to the body and name of Christ.

Read it before they take it down – click this sentence to open the story on the Washington Post web site.

Here’s how it opens:

Tyndale House, a major Christian publisher, has announced that it will stop selling “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven,” by…

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