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Christians Influencing Society

Christians Influencing Society.

Mark 9:50, Salt is good: but if the salt have lost his saltness, wherewith will ye season it? Have salt in yourselves, and have peace one with another. Matthew 5:13-16

Jesus is still in ‘his own city’ Capurnaum, and he has been teaching his disciples some very important basics regarding his kingdom, and of course, his church. Now we come to another little block of didactic material in the narrative. A Christian must be an influence on the ungodly world. But before we can speak about ourselves as salt there is something that we must note as to how that salt must be applied…

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Pride and Humility in the Kingdom of God

Pride and Humility in the Kingdom!

Text: Mark 9:33-37

Pride is a very great sin, common among Christians, and one that we MUST become aware of, acknowledge and confess, so that we can be forgiven, and having been forgiven we should live lives that are HUMBLE – the opposite of pride. So let’s look at our Biblical text where Jesus is in Capernaum, with His disciples, and in a house – and His conversation with his disciples has been recorded for us by Mark. And he came to Capernaum: and being in the house he asked them, So, let’s eavesdrop on that conversation…

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Jesus Heals a Paralysed Man

Jesus Heals a Paralysed Man

Matthew 9:1-7

Matthew has a point to make, and he concentrates on that point.  He wants to remove all the ‘human interest’ details that are recorded in the other gospels, so that we can clearly see Jesus demonstrating his divine attributes, leading up to Peter’s Confession that He is the Christ.

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The Fly in the Fundamentalist Ointment

Originally posted on thinkGOSPEL blog:

The Practice of Sin of the Principle of SeparationSee Pt. 1Pt. 2Pt. 3 & Pt. 4

A few years ago, when Dr. Paisley made, what some saw as uncharacteristic political choices, the whole of Britain and Ireland, indeed the world media, buzzed with the news. I also was surprised, and, like a good Ulsterman and expat, I had my opinions. Ironically, I was in Northern Ireland at the time doing research on fundamentalism and preached for Dr. Paisley in his church in Belfast. Some wondered how I could disagree with Dr. Paisley and still preach for him.

To my mind the answer was very simple. Unlike many who publicly and vigorously disagreed with him, I found that my differences with Dr. Paisley did not impinge on my relationship with him and did not diminish my respect for him as a preacher of the gospel. Although I still had many questions, I could disagree with…

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Heaven and Home

John 14:1-6, Rev. 15:1-4

In our recent lecture on heaven, we have seen that the soul of the Christian goes immediately to heaven at death. There are two aspects of heaven that I want to bring to your attention this morning:-

1. Heaven is Our True Home!

Jesus had been speaking of His imminent departure, of His crucifixion, and the disciples were in a sombre frame of mind. They must have wondered what would become of them! They were deeply disturbed! Jesus said to them: Let not your heart be troubled

  • They were cheerless and miserable, because He would soon be gone, and three years of life spent together on the road would soon be ended!
  • They were embarrassed and humiliated, because of their own selfishness and pride, for they had been arguing among themselves about who would get the prominent places when He came into His kingdom!
  • They were confused and bewildered, because they had just been told that one of them would betray the Master!
  • They were wavering and unsteady in their faith for they could not understand how someone who is about be crucified could be the promised Messiah!

And so Jesus gives them hope. He says: ye believe in God, believe also in me. What better to talk about than Heaven! Read more…

Peace and Quiet

Bob McEvoy:

Drop Thy still dews of quietness,
Till all our strivings cease;

Take from our souls the strain and stress,

And let our ordered lives confess

The beauty of Thy peace.

Originally posted on

Had a wee dander out into the countryside around Ballygowan this evening, out along the Tullyhubbert Road. It was a lovely calm evening as this photo of the lake shows.

Shot on a Leica c-Lux 2 compact camera.

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Guard The Deposit- 1 Timothy 6:20

Paul’s PS to Timothy.

Text: 1 Timothy 6: 20, KJV

Paul’s conclusion to his letter is a reiteration of his opening words. In his summary, Paul reminds Timothy of some of the main points of the letter, – helpful instruction so that Timothy can honour God in his life, his ministry and in the Christian assembly.


1. Keeping the Commitment! keep – that which is committed to thy trust (παραθηκην),

Timothy has a very high obligation placed upon him. Literally – this is simply, ‘guard the deposit.’   He MUST preserve that which has been committed to him – a business term – used by ‘bankers’ and those who used them. Now, this term has a profound meaning, which we would do well to explore.

  1. What was it that Timothy must preserve? Most commentators will agree that this sacred trust is not just the ministry that had been committed to him, or his own personal faith in God, but the body of doctrine which has been committed to the Christian church:- 1 Timothy 1:11 It is the GOSPEL which has been entrusted to him. 2 Timothy 1:13  Timothy has been entrusted with the Gospel, the doctrines of grace, and that is a very sacred trust indeed.
  2. What will this commitmentmean?
    1. It is to be guarded, It is to be CONTENDED FOR. Jude v3 You will find yourself under attack from atheists and liberals and ‘evangelicals’ who place their own personal feelings and impressions and experiences on a par with Scripture. Hold forth the Word of truth fearlessly.
    2. It is to be preserved. There is no room for Timothy to add anything to this body of truth, the Gospel. He is not required to invent anything, or make something up, he is to pass on the same message which he has received, and nothing else.
    3. It is to be passed on. What Timothy has learned from Paul, he is to teach to others; to faithful men, who would preach the truth of the Gospel, as Paul had preached it. 2 Timothy 2:1 That is how the apostolic message, and the apostolic doctrine is to be preserved, until the end of time itself. It is the pattern of teaching and discipline men for the ministry.
    4. It is to be accounted for. We will be called upon to give an account, to state what we have done with the Gospel message, the clear, Christian doctrine of sinful man and redemption in Jesus.
    5. It is an ongoing commitment. – it is such a sacred bond that has been placed in Timothy’s keeping, that it must be preserved intact, until the day when the Master returns.

So Timothy is to guard the deposit that has been entrusted to him. But why is this so important to Paul? Because this Gospel, this body of Gospel Truth, which is the message of salvation, is, and has been continuously under attack, and often from the most unexpected place, from within the visible church… Read more…


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