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Marriage – what’s the Big Deal?

Bob McEvoy:

Great article here on Defending Contending. Please make sure you follow their blog!

Originally posted on Defending. Contending.:


There’s something more basic than homosexual activism and the resulting ruling by black-robed oligarchy declaring marriage a basic right that must include two (will it soon be three or more?) men or women.  States must offer and recognize marriage licenses for these couples. This is interesting because there are myriad licenses issued by the states that are not honored automatically by other states (concealed handguns, medical, law, plumbing, hair dressing) and there is no out-cry that basic human rights are being violated or that the national government has an obligation to “level the playing field.”

Search the U.S. Constitution and copy down every phrase that touches on marriage. …

I’ve printed them above for handy reference: there aren’t any!

How the national government determined it has a role in marriage (beyond tax policy) is another mystery. Post-modernism runs rampant in the court system, leading me to call the chief…

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Tullian Tchividjian and the Scandal of Grace

Bob McEvoy:

More on Tullian…

Originally posted on Modern Marburg :

If you haven’t heard the news yet, last Sunday (6-21-15) Tullian Tchividjian officially resigned as the pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, after announcing he engaged in an extramarital affair. I must admit that I was shocked and deeply saddened by the news. In the few days since the news first broke, the blogosphere has been flooded with posts examining various factors which may have contributed to Tullian’s moral failure. Doubtlessly, there were many factors involved. For instance, Tullian (to his discredit) was all too quick to point out that his wife’s martial infidelity played a role in his own affair (see his statement to the Washington Post). Also, those who claim that Tullian is both an Antinomian and Law/Gospel Reductionist (a claim I am not convinced of) are saying that his theological error led to his moral failure. Others have pointed out that the “celebrity pastor” model is intrinsically…

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Three Aspects of the Christian Life. 1 Timothy 6:11-16

Three Aspects of the Christian Life

 Sanctification, Perseverance, Witness!

 Text1 Timothy 6:11-16 Compare with 2 Timothy 2: Not just Timothy, but every believer in Jesus should be characterised by his progress, his warfare and his witness.  In this passage of final exhortations to Timothy we see:-

1.  The Christian is On the Move! 11But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.

The Christian life is never static.  It makes progress. Notice the direction of travel in a godly life.

  1. The Christian must run FROM.  Timothy (and the Christian), must be different from the average ‘man on the street.’  But YOU!’  A Christian must stand out from the crowd, – IN EVERY RESPECT, IN EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE.
    1. Timothy is a Man of God! It’s a significant title, for it was used to refer to the heroes of Israel, such as Moses, in Deut 33:1, David in Neh 12:24 and Samuel in 1 Samuel 9:6. The name, MAN OF GOD would remind Timothy of the important task that he was required to complete and the history of those who had also been given a task by God, and faithfully carried out that task.. Hebrews 12:1 
    2. A Man of God will exercise discernment.  Paul has warned about false teachers.  If you go to church on Sunday, and your pastor doesn’t preach the Scriptures, – RUN!  Flee from that place and find a church that preaches the true Gospel
  2. The Christian must run TOWARD.  Not only must Timothy ‘run from’ but he must ‘follow after’. Following after something requires a whole lot of commitment, especially, as in this case, when what we are pursuing is entirely contrary to the human nature and condition!  Paul lists six qualities of the Christian who is closely following Christ.  They seem to be in three sets of couplets:
    1. Righteousness & Godliness!  (δικαιοσυνην ευσεβειαν)  Righteous before men.
    2. Faith & Love! (πιστιν αγαπην)  Simple trust in God, and a sincere love for Him.
    3. Patience & Meekness! (υπομονην πραοτητα) Positive steadfastness, that hangs on, whatever the circumstances of life, –

These are to be our goals in this life as they were to be Timothy’s. Galatians 5:22  

How will we obtain these Godly qualities of life?  By repenting, turning away from falsehood and the love of material possessions, the things of this world, and by following after Jesus.

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Same-sex marriage was always a Trojan Horse, intentionally or no, as even its advocates now acknowledge

Bob McEvoy:

Some very interesting thoughts on the real motivation behind the push for ‘gay marriage’.

Originally posted on thereformedmind:

It was never what it was cracked up to be, and only the most naive thought so. The same-sex marriage movement has hardly been solely about simply adding another kind of couple to the marriage mix, affecting no one else, no other organizations, and no other norms, etc. Intentional or no, the same-sex marriage horse may well have been a Trojan one all along.

From the Weekly Standard (excerpts):

“the same-sex marriage movement is interested in a great deal more than just the freedom to form marital unions. It is also interested, quite keenly, in punishing dissenters. But the ambitions of the movement go further than that, even. It’s about revisiting legal notions of freedom of speech and association, constitutional protections for religious freedom, and cultural norms concerning the family. And most Americans are only just realizing that these are the societal compacts that have been pried open for negotiation.

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Dementia – Fighting for Joy

Bob McEvoy:

I deal almost every day with people who have lost a loved one, and that loved one has spent the final years on this earth in the wilderness that is dementia.
Here’s an excellent article on this difficult subject from ‘Contending Defending’

Originally posted on Defending. Contending.:

The Gospel Coalition posted this week some thoughts on dementia that I would highly recommend you read. I understand the heartbreak that many go through as they seek to care for their loved ones. As the disease takes hold, the mind of the loved one disappears into an ether that will never return. Some good friends are struggling with this at present with a family member and the sorrow they feel brings back some painful memories.


I recall vividly, when my wife and I lived in England, having to watch my grandmother disappear before our eyes. In a very short timespan, I went from being her grandson, to her son, to her brother, and then one painful day, she no longer recognized me. This was a lady who loved the Lord and who had long sung the songs of Zion. Her face had changed little. The pain continued to course…

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Osteen Waffles on the Gospel!

Bob McEvoy:

More Osteenery…

Originally posted on Defending. Contending.:

It is a sad day when some within evangelicalism would classify Joel Osteen as an evangelical Christian. There is no room in Scripture for waffling on the gospel. A person who claims to be a minister of the gospel and yet claim that he doesn’t know whether Jews, Muslims, or Hindus would go to hell if they do not believe in Jesus Christ alone is not worthy to be a minister, and according to Scripture this man is not even a true believer himself. His teaching is nothing short of heresy. True believers, be warned of this wolf in sheep’s clothing. Dr. Steve Lawson does an excellent job addressing Osteen’s waffles.

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Jesus is ALL we need! – 1 Timothy 6:2-10

Jesus is ALL we Need

A contrast between the aims and methods of the apostate teachers and the humble, trusting Christian.

Text: 1 Timothy 6:2b-10 These things teach and exhort.

Everything in the world, imagines the modern mind, revolves around ME, – because I’m ‘worth it!’ Timothy has found that in Ephesus, there are preachers in the church, who believe this very thing! They are pushing Christ away to the very edge of their sermons and they are focusing on GAIN for themselves and for their listeners. Paul exposes these people, and offers an alternative; a Biblical solution.

1. The Grim Profit of Self-centeredness!

The apostate teachers at Ephesus were leaving Jesus out of their teaching, with dreadful consequences. Let’s see how Paul analyses these people, for he does it in three verses, which are all one long extended sentence:-

  1. The teaching of the apostates. v3 Paul starts with what they teach and preach, their message, and he states that they reject wholesome words.
    1. ‘Consent not’ in AV simply means to disagree.
    2. The ‘wholesome words’ (sound words) are the very words of Jesus himself. His words are ‘wholesome words’. They carry great importance. Matthew 7:24  And all Scripture is God breathed, and Jesus is God, – the entire Bible is His Word.
    3. So the unfaithful preachers of Ephesus are begging to differ with Jesus! Their own words are more important, in their minds, than the very words and doctrine of Christ himself.
    4. It is the words of Christ that are in line with godliness, and which lead people to a godly life.
  2. The attitude of the apostates. v4. 4He is proud, knowing nothing, but doting about questions and strifes of words, Now why would a man think that his own invented words and doctrines are more important and more worthy of inclusion in a sermon or message than the words of Jesus? PrideIgnoranceObsession with controversy 1 Tim 5:17
  3. The corruption of the apostates. v5. 5Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thyself. See how corrupt these people are, and then see how much they destroy the congregations they are serving.
    1. Depraved minds. Their minds have never known anything if the renewing work of the Holy Spirit. The Christians mind is being renewed, Romans 12:2
    2. Deprived of the truth. They have turned their back on God’s word and shamefully spread their own lies.
    3. Determined to profit. Since apostate preachers were only interested in themselves, it is obvious that they are not preaching for the glory of God or the good of the flock, so what is their motive? Simple. MONEY! They are hucksters, good living for a living, more interested in the fleece than in the flock!
  4. The destruction of their flock. whereof cometh envy, strife, railings, evil surmisings, Imagine what it must have been like, coming to church every week, and you just hear the blatant self-promotion of a man who wanted to make a good living from your generosity? What effect would that have on the congregation? Paul doesn’t hold back… EnvyDissensionConstant frictionSlanderSuspicion. Christians thinking the worst of each other, suspecting that there is something going on… Contrary to Paul’s observation of ideal Christian fellowship in 1 Corinthians 13:6, James 4:1

Paul warns Timothy that he must avoid such people. v9 Self-centred ministry, self-centred preaching is the road to personal and congregational ruin.

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